13 Best Events in Rome for Big Celebrations in 2024
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13 Best Events in Rome for Big Celebrations in 2024

13 Best Events in Rome for Big Celebrations in 2024

Rome, the eternal city, is not only steeped in rich history and culture but also alive with vibrant events and festivals throughout the year. Whether you're planning to engage in a Rome city tour or looking for the best events in Rome during your stay, the city offers an array of experiences that can enhance your journey. Here are the top 13 events in Rome for grand celebrations in 2024, promising unforgettable memories amidst ancient streets and monuments.

1. Carnevale di Roma

The Carnival of Rome is a spectacular festival held before Lent, featuring parades, masquerade balls, music, and live performances throughout the city. It's a colorful, energetic celebration that captures the historical essence of Roman festivities. For those planning their events this weekend in Rome during the carnival, ensure you catch the grand parade through the Via del Corso, where the city comes alive with elaborate costumes and vibrant floats. Continue reading if you want to know about the best places you ought to visit during your Rome trip.

2. Easter Week

Easter is a profoundly significant and solemn time in Rome, particularly given the city's Christian heritage. The week is filled with various religious events, culminating in the Easter Mass at St. Peter’s Basilica, presided over by the Pope. This is a pivotal event in Rome for both its spiritual depth and the gathering of cultures from around the globe. Visitors are advised to secure tickets early if they wish to attend the mass or participate in the Via Crucis (Way of the Cross), which takes place on Good Friday at the Colosseum.

3. Natale di Roma

Celebrated on April 21st, Natale di Roma marks the founding of Rome. This event transforms the city into a giant outdoor stage with historical reenactments, concerts, fireworks, and a variety of cultural events. From gladiator shows to traditional Roman banquets, it's a foundational celebration that offers a unique glimpse into ancient Rome. It’s one of the festivals in Rome that combines historical education with fun, making it perfect for a family-friendly outing.

4. Rome Film Fest


Typically held in October, the Rome Film Fest is a glamorous event that attracts cinephiles and celebrities alike. Screenings take place in various venues around the city, including the iconic Auditorium Parco della Musica. The festival features a mix of international blockbusters and indie films, along with Q&A sessions with filmmakers and actors. For movie enthusiasts looking for events in Rome, this festival provides a chance to experience the global cinema landscape in the historic setting of Rome. Brush up your reading by knowing some hidden gems in Rome.

5. Festa de’ Noantri

Taking place in the charming Trastevere district, the Festa de’ Noantri begins in the last week of July and extends into early August. This festival honors the Blessed Virgin Mary with a grand procession, traditional music, and dance. The streets of Trastevere are adorned with lights and decorations, creating a warm, festive atmosphere that invites tourists and locals to mingle and enjoy traditional Roman hospitality.

6. Jazz & Wine in Rome

For those who appreciate fine wine and smooth jazz, attending the Jazz & Wine Festival in Rome is a must. Held in the gardens of Villa Celimontana, the festival runs through the summer months and features performances by renowned international jazz artists. This event combines great music with exquisite Italian wines, providing a relaxing and luxurious atmosphere. It's an ideal event for those looking for a sophisticated yet laid-back experience.

7. La Festa di San Silvestro (New Year’s Eve)

New Year’s Eve in Rome is a festive celebration with fireworks, concerts, and parties. The main events are centered around the Piazza del Popolo and the Colosseum. Visitors can enjoy live music performances and the traditional midnight fireworks display. For those extending their Rome sightseeing into the New Year, this event offers a vibrant welcome to the upcoming year with thousands of revelers celebrating in the heart of Rome.

8. Rome Marathon

The Rome Marathon is a significant event that usually takes place in March, attracting runners from all over the world. The marathon route is especially scenic, passing by many of Rome’s most famous landmarks, including the Vatican, the Trevi Fountain, and the Colosseum. This makes it not just a race, but a beautiful Rome city tour on the run. Whether you're participating or just watching, the energy and spirit of the marathon are infectious and provide a fantastic way to experience the city.

9. Estate Romana (Roman Summer)

From June to September, Rome comes alive with the Estate Romana festival. This extensive cultural festival includes a variety of events ranging from outdoor concerts and cinema screenings to food markets and art exhibitions held across the city. These events often take place in Rome's historic squares, by the riverside, or in parks, offering a magical setting for summer evenings. The festival's program is diverse, ensuring that there’s something for every taste and interest.

10. International Literature Festival

Held in the Basilica of Maxentius in the Roman Forum, the International Literature Festival is an event where Italian and international authors gather to read and discuss their works. Typically occurring in June, this festival is a literary enthusiast’s paradise, providing a platform for meaningful dialogue and exchange. It also offers a fantastic opportunity to explore the Roman Forum, often followed by a Rome sightseeing adventure to digest the rich discussions and historical ambiance.

11. Feast Day of Saints Peter and Paul

This significant religious and public holiday in Rome is celebrated on June 29th every year. The feast day honors the martyrdom of Saints Peter and Paul, and features special masses, particularly at St. Peter's Basilica. The day is also marked by a stunning fireworks display over the Tiber River, making it one of the most picturesque festivals in Rome. For those interested in the religious history of Rome, attending the celebrations can add a profound layer to your visit.

12. Outdoor Cinema in Tiber Island

During the summer months, Tiber Island transforms into an open-air cinema, hosting a series of film screenings under the stars. This unique cinematic experience draws both locals and tourists, who enjoy a mix of classic films and new releases in a picturesque setting. It’s a perfect night out for movie lovers and those looking for a relaxed evening after a day of Rome sightseeing.

13. Christmas Markets

As the year winds down, Rome's Christmas markets light up the city with festive cheer. The most famous market is held in Piazza Navona, where stalls sell everything from holiday decorations to artisanal gifts and traditional Italian Christmas sweets. The markets usually start in early December and run until January 6th, offering a festive atmosphere that's perfect for families and shoppers alike.

Enhancing Your Cultural Experience

To truly immerse yourself in these events, consider integrating some educational or leisure tours into your itinerary. For instance, a Rome self-guided tour can be tailored to include stops at event locations, offering a flexible way to enjoy the festivities. 

Lastly, remember that Rome is a city best explored both by planned itineraries and spontaneous discoveries. Each event not only showcases the city's dynamic cultural scene but also its capacity to blend ancient traditions with modern festivities seamlessly. To make the most of your visit during these events, consider incorporating a Rome self-guided tour, which allows you to explore at your own pace. Also, a Colosseum audio tour can enrich your understanding of this ancient arena, especially during events like Easter Week’s Via Crucis. Don’t forget to pre-purchase a skip-the-line Pantheon entry ticket along with an audio guide to avoid long lines, giving you more time to enjoy the festive atmosphere around you.

In conclusion, the best events in Rome offer something for everyone, from film buffs and history enthusiasts to those just looking to soak in the festive atmosphere. Each event highlights a different facet of Rome's diverse cultural landscape, making every visit a unique and memorable experience. Whether you’re planning a detailed Rome city tour or looking for events this weekend in Rome, the city’s calendar is packed with opportunities to celebrate amidst its historic splendor.

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