Should I travel solo to Rome? All you need to know before planning your Rome trip.
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Should I travel solo to Rome? All you need to know before planning your Rome trip.

Amazing Italian architecture, cobblestone streets, and delectable pizza and gelato. Sounds good right? Now the answer to the question of whether you should solo travel in Rome is unquestionably yes.

Rome is a truly magnificent city. This vibrant city, brimming with interesting historical sites and locals, offers a wide range of things to do. Rome is a romantic city, but it doesn't mean you have to travel with a partner. 

Rome is more than just the places people visit. Numerous residents provide off-the-beaten-path trips that are excellent for solo travel in Rome hoping to make new friends.

There are several reasons why someone may wish to arrange a Rome city tour by themselves but could be afraid to make this risky move. We have this guide to assist you if you are organizing a solo trip in Rome and want to be sure you have considered everything you will need to have a great time.

Now get ready because we're going to dig right into this amazing guide to solo travel in Rome!

Things you need to know before planning Rome sightseeing alone

Rome is a city full of charm and beauty, yet it can sometimes seem hectic. There are always a lot of people in Rome, both residents and visitors. Solo travel in Rome is fantastic, but there are things you should know before planning a Rome sightseeing tour alone. 

Best Time to visit Rome

Rome experiences year-round tourism, which has both benefits and drawbacks. There isn't a month when you can avoid the crowds, so whenever you want to visit, be ready for a line or the requirement for reservations.

One advantage of visiting in late January is that there will be fewer people and more accessibility to all the attractions, dining options, and lodging options. Although fall is the best time of year to visit Rome, there are still a lot of people there. 

Additionally, January and February are great months to visit Rome due to the city's moderate winters, little rain, and lack of extreme heat. Even though you might not be in the mood for gelato, it's still an option.

Rome-appropriate attire

Mixing formal and informal attire is a good idea because Italians are recognized for their fashionable attire. To stay cool in Rome's warm months, bring light, breathable clothing. It heats up hot!

Pack in layers if you're visiting Rome during the shoulder season (think light sweaters, cardigans, etc.). It can be difficult to walk across Rome's cobblestone streets, so bring comfortable shoes! Remember to pack your swimsuit if you want to explore the beaches close to Rome during your summer visit.

We would also strongly advise bringing a sunhat if you are visiting Rome in the summer. This comes in extremely handy for people during traveling because, in the summer, temperatures in Rome may easily reach 32°C or more (90°F+). As such, you must shield your head from the sun's rays. 

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is the most important thing you'll need for your solo vacation to Rome. Since safety is of the utmost importance when traveling alone, be sure to buy a comprehensive travel insurance policy that covers medical emergencies, loss or theft of personal belongings, and trip cancellations before you depart for Rome alone.

Don't bring along any crucial documents.

Make copies of all of your vital documents, such as your passport, and carry the copies with you rather than the originals.

Store the originals securely back at your lodging, either within your baggage or in a safe. We also advise storing an emergency credit card and some extra cash in that location.

In this manner, you safeguard everything you own in the sad event that you are pickpocketed. 

Remain in secure areas.

Rome is generally safe, although, like any large city, it has its share of less safe and safer regions. As a lone traveler, select accommodations that will keep you safe. In less desirable areas, you might find more reasonably priced options. 

Obtain a phone SIM card.

As a solitary traveler in Rome, having a functional phone is quite helpful, and it's not too difficult to set up. When you get to the airport or a store in the city, you can buy a prepaid sim card for your unlocked phone. 

Would you rather arrive on the scene with a functional phone? Select an e-sim that you can configure ahead of time.

Be cautious of any laws that apply only to visitors

Rome's problem of keeping up with trash seems never-ending, but there are other fronts where attempts are being made to try and impose some order. To control the excesses of the visiting masses, several rules were adopted in 2019. 

If found in violation of these regulations, offenders face fines of up to €500 or a temporary ban from returning to the location where the infraction occurred. A few of the limitations are:

  • It's not permitted to sit on the Spanish Steps.
  • Don't swim into the city's fountains.
  • No "messy" alfresco dining in the vicinity of important historical sites.
  • There are no pushing strollers or rolling bags up or down old staircases.

Places to see on your solo travel in Rome

1. Visit to Colosseum

The Colosseum, the biggest amphitheater ever constructed, is a must-do for your solo travel and a classic Roman experience.

This enormous building, which was once the arena where gladiators fought for their lives and emperors enjoyed their power, is now a representation of the splendor of ancient Rome.

To discover more about the intriguing site and its colorful history, we recommend you take a Rome self-guided tour like Explore Rome: Self-Guided Tour Discovery Pack through which you can see iconic landmarks including the Colosseum, St Peter's Basilica, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and Piazza Navona.

2. Vatican City

The smallest nation in the world, Vatican City, must be seen; but, if you intend to take a tour, you'll need to get tickets well in advance.

In any case, the Vatican Museums are located here and include an exquisite collection of artwork that includes pieces by Leonardo Da Vinci, Caravaggio, and Raffaello. 

The greatest cathedral in Christianity, St. Peter's Basilica, will amaze you with its elaborate decorations and enormous dome. Lastly, you will be able to see the magnificent artworks by Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel. 

For this, a Rome self-guided tour can be a good option and you can opt for St Peter's Basilica Digital Audio Guide through which you can take your time, rewinding and pausing the audio as necessary to ensure you've thoroughly absorbed the information 

3. The Pantheon 

The Pantheon is yet another sight to behold during your solo excursion. Enter the finest-preserved ancient Roman temple in the world, which is now a magnificent church, to appreciate its breathtaking architectural beauty.

The Pantheon's iconic oculus, a circular aperture that pours natural light into the interior, is located in its huge dome, which is held up by magnificent marble columns. Ideal for examining alone and savoring every detail inside.

4. Trevi Fountain

The Trevi Fountain, the largest of its kind in Rome and a Baroque masterpiece, has been glorified in films such as La Dolce Vita, Roman Holiday, and of course The Lizzie Mcguire Movie.

It's customary to toss a coin into the azure seas over your shoulder to guarantee your return to the Eternal City. After you've finished it for Instagram, you can marvel at Nicola Salvi's detailed depiction of Oceanus, the sea deity, encircled by seahorses and tritons.

We recommend you take the Rome: Baroque Beauty Self-Guided Tour in which after dropping your penny in the fountain, you can continue your trip by crossing Piazza Barberini and ending in Piazza Navona, the busiest square in Rome.

Ascend to the Church of the Santissima Trinità dei Monti to take in the breathtaking perspective of Rome's center.

5. Spanish Steps

The Spanish Steps are a grand staircase that leads from the Trinità dei Monti church to the affluent retail district of Piazza di Spagna. It's a great place to watch and unwind.

This is the place to see azalea blossoms in the spring. At the foot of the steps is the Keats-Shelley House, the former home of the renowned poet John Keats, where you can also honor him.

6. Go to the Local Gardens and Meditate

You can find peace in any of the many parks in Rome, far from the bustle of the city. The carefully organized and exquisitely manicured gardens at Villa Borghese rank among the best. This park in Rome's center not only has a museum of fine arts but also provides stunning city vistas.

7. Take a Vespa tour of Rome

Taking a Vespa is a charming and thrilling way to explore the city on your trip to Rome. It's not only authentically Italian, but you'll also cover more ground and have the ideal overview of the city.

A photographer can accompany you on the Vespa Tour, where you can enjoy yourself greatly and capture some amazing pictures as well! However, there are many different Vespa excursions available in Rome.

8. Stop in the Piazza for Gelato

The Piazza Navona, a popular gathering place for Roman residents, is bustling with street performers, artists, and musicians day and night. It's the perfect place for a cone of refreshing gelato, which is another word for ice cream, before continuing your tour because it's crammed with bars and restaurants.

9. Discover Italian Flavors in the Markets

There are a lot of markets in Rome, especially on weekends. Famous for its flowers, Campo dei Fiori is a lovely market where you can mingle with the people. 

The most well-known market in the area is Campo de' Fiori, where hundreds of stands selling the freshest produce, the best wines, cured meats, and unique cheeses that can be found all over Italy line the streets.

10. Castel Sant’Angelo

Hadrian, the Roman Emperor, constructed the striking cylindrical stronghold known as Castel Sant'Angelo, or "The Castle of Angels," on the banks of the Tiber River in the second century AD.

The popes used it as a defense and fort after it was first built as a tomb for Hadrian and his family. It even has a hidden escape route connecting the building to Vatican City. 

It is now a museum featuring rooms decorated with frescoes, a collection of medieval weapons, and broad views of St. Peter's Basilica, which lies close by, as well as Rome.

To have a wonderful trip to the castle, take the Castel Sant'Angelo Entry Ticket & Audio Guide. You will discover the many uses the Castle has had throughout the years, including that of a fortress, palace, and jail through a fascinating audio guide on your mobile phone. 

Make sure to have travel essentials with yourself   

  • Packing cubes with international adapters (you can't travel without them)
  • Our activities and the season will determine what we wear. 
  • Purchase any necessary new clothing, but I typically have my shopping done in Rome.
  • Purchase euros at the nearby bank.
  • Carry a portable charger.
  • Ensure you have reliable internet, either from your phone provider or by purchasing a product like Travel Internet.
  • Wear the coziest shoes you've ever owned.

Final thoughts

Overall, let us reassure you that solo travel in Rome is safe. Make the most of your trip to the Eternal City by using these suggestions! When the city's major attractions are less crowded early in the morning, try to see as many of them as you can. 

When visiting Rome's churches, wear modest clothing. Respect worshippers at all times, and avoid using flash. Lastly, don't be scared of straying from the norm. Who knows what kind of treasures lie hidden from view?

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