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Exploring Rome on a self-guided audio tour is an incredible experience that allows you to discover the city's rich history and culture at your own pace.

With Rome Audio Tour or Rome self-guided audio tour, you can immerse yourself in the city's fascinating past and present, from the ancient ruins to the vibrant streets of modern-day Rome.

Immediately take advantage of our unique navigation functionality which makes self-guiding easy, with plenty of suggested walking routes to explore. Find yourself immersed in the culture and history of the city, as you approach iconic landmarks including the Colosseum, St Peter's Basilica, Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, and Piazza Navona.

Don’t forget to tune into your audio commentary to hear all about the tourist hotspots, or take a break whenever you fancy to suit your own schedule. When you’re ready, plan your next walking route, pinpoint your favorite sights, and source the best photo hotspots, as you continue your exploration of Rome, the Vox City way!

Top Sights Includes:

    • • Colosseum
    • • St. Peter's Basilica
    • • Pantheon & more..

Discover the masterpieces of this venue, including:

Palatine St. Peter's Basilica
Trevi Fountain
Roman Forum
Vatican Museums
Sistine Chapel
Piazza Navona
Spanish Steps
Castel Sant'Angelo
Palatine Hill
Villa Borghese

What you get: 

Unlimited access to all self-guided features
Unlimited use for the duration of your stay
Multilingual audio commentary in English, Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Russian and Italian

What you don’t get:

Mobile Device
Entry to Attractions
Public Transportation Tickets

How to use the Vox City App:

This tour includes multilingual audio commentary, available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Chinese and Russian
This tour requires you to use your own mobile device and headphones at all times; further download instructions can be found on your voucher
Please note, this product is non-refundable and non-amendable, however you may redeem it at a time that suits you best

Please note, this is a digital experience. There is no meeting point or staff on-site.

Do I need to find any guide if I have purchased a Rome Self-Guided Audio Tour?

If the product you have purchased is a self-guided tour, as indicated in the title. Therefore, there is no designated meeting point, and there is no need to meet with someone from our team. You have the flexibility to enjoy the tour at your convenience.

Do the entrance ticket comes with purchasing this audio guide?

The entrance ticket to different destinations in Rome is not included and needs to be purchased separately.

How to download Rome Self-Guided Audio Tour?

Simply scan the QR code on your voucher and follow the instructions to download the Vox City app and the city map in your preferred language. If you encounter any problems shoot us an email at [email protected] or contact our customer support live 24/7 through our website. Remember that you can download the city map prior to your arrival.

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The Rome Self-Guided Tour's interactive components were truly appreciated as they involved me to a greater degree than typical guided tours, rendering the entire experience more captivating.



Investing in the Rome Discovery Pack proved to be an excellent decision, as it transformed my trip into a meticulously audio guided adventure. The attention given to every detail was truly admirable and greatly appreciated.



the Rome Discovery Pack proved to be an invaluable source of knowledge. The audio guide offered profound revelations into Rome's exceptionally rich past.



I was pleasantly surprised by the Rome Discovery Pack as it provided valuable resources and made exploring the city an enjoyable experience.



As someone who travels often, I have to say that the Rome Discovery Pack is easily one of my top travel companions. It boasts practicality and provides informative content which adds immense value to your journey.



Exploring Rome on my own terms was made possible by the fantastic Rome Self-Guided Tour, which provided me with flexibility and ensured I didn't overlook any of the city's wonders.



My family found the Rome Self-Guided Tour to be a perfect match as it catered well to our diverse interests, providing each of us with an enjoyable and satisfying experience.



The creators of the Rome Discovery Pack deserve praise! Their comprehensive bundle enhanced my Roman adventure by providing both entertainment and education.



The Rome Discovery Pack upgraded my travel experience! It facilitated a hassle-free trip to Rome by providing all the necessary tools for convenient city exploration within one neat package.



There is absolutely no match to the convenience offered by the Rome Discovery Pack. It not only saved me time but also made my visit more enjoyable and memorable with all its essentials for exploration.



Using the Rome Discovery Pack for my travels was effortless. This all-inclusive resource gave me peace of mind and enabled me to maximize every moment during my trip.



For those who are visiting Rome for the first time, it's highly recommended to get hold of the Rome Discovery Pack. This pack not only gave me a clear sense of direction but also made my visit more informative with its rich historical context.



For those who love photography, the Rome Self-Guided Tour is a treasure. It gave me ample time to capture the splendor of Rome at my own pace without any hurry.



The Rome Self-Guided Tour is suitable for various types of travelers, be it history enthusiasts or those looking to enjoy a leisurely walk. It caters to diverse preferences.



Opting for the Rome Self-Guided Tour is an excellent choice if you prefer steering clear of big tour groups, as it provided me with ample opportunity to explore well-known landmarks on my own.



Opting for the Rome Self-Guided Tour is an excellent choice if you prefer steering clear of big tour groups, as it provided me with ample opportunity to explore well-known landmarks on my own.



If you plan on visiting Rome, I highly recommend getting the Rome Discovery Pack. Its comprehensive maps, audio guides contributed significantly to my enjoyable trip.



I must commend the remarkable attention paid to detail in the Rome Discovery Pack. It met all my requirements, from guiding me through the city to offering enlightening historical perspectives.



As someone who had visited Rome before, the Self-Guided Tour provided a new outlook. It directed me to hidden treasures and offered historical knowledge that enhanced my exploration experience with more depth.



I was grateful for the level of independence offered by the Rome Self-Guided Tour, as it allowed me to customize my itinerary based on what intrigued me. The result was a unique and unforgettable trip that catered perfectly to my preferences.



The Rome Self-Guided Tour made my trip memorable by providing a well-planned schedule yet leaving space for unforeseen surprises, resulting in a comprehensive and enjoyable experience.



The Rome Self-Guided Tour is ideal for individuals who relish a self-guided escapade. It granted me the freedom to tailor my schedule according to my preferences.

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