10 Things to Do in Rome This Summer 2024
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10 Things to Do in Rome This Summer 2024

Rome is a wonderful city to visit anytime, but in summer in Rome, as the mercury starts to rise, you will see many of the best things through the hot days and warm nights. During the summer in Rome, your best bet is to balance your Rome sightseeing early in the morning, and late in the evening. 

During the day you can do a Rome city tour because the city is in full swing with all the sites, galleries, and cafes looking for business ahead of mid-August when Italy’s cities are empty. The evenings are pleasant for relaxing in a bar or a cafe overlooking a pizza, sipping wine, and dining al fresco. 

Beautiful seaside towns, Dolce Vita living in museum-like piazzas, and lastly the cold bliss of real Italian gelato. All these things come together to make a truly unforgettable experience and summer in Rome.

Things to do in Rome in Summer 2024

No matter if you are visiting for the first time or the 50th, you will always find exciting things to do in Rome in summer. Hopefully, this article will help you plan your summer in Rome.

Visit the Colosseum in Rome

It’s impossible not to visit the Colosseum, the symbol of Rome and Europe’s most iconic landmark. Even if you are spending your summer in Rome, you should go and visit but prefer to visit at night. You can visit the place any time of the year, just make sure to see the site when it’s not raining.

Summer is packed at any time of the day. July and August are the busiest months. You can easily explore the place by taking a Rome self-guided tour, a Colosseum audio tour would be nice for your visit to the place. 

Through the Colosseum audio tour, you will learn about the historic place more clearly or simply opt for the Colosseum, Roman Forum & Palatine Hill Audio Tour. Learn about the culture and history of the city as you visit the iconic landmarks including the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill.

Admire the Pantheon at the Rotonda Square.

One of Rome's most striking ancient structures, the Pantheon still stands after more than 2,000 years of construction. It was then transformed into a church from its original purpose as a temple to all the gods. 

Inside is a magnificent dome that allows in natural light through a hole in the middle. It's amazing to see. The chilly interiors of the Pantheon can be a pleasant relief on a warm summer day, encouraging visitors to stay a little while longer.

You can purchase a Pantheon entry ticket along with a Rome self-guided tour by simply choosing the Skip the Line Pantheon ticket. This skip-the-line ticket allows you to explore the wonders of this ancient building that has been present to this date. This Pantheon entry ticket will surely give you a wonderful experience. 

Save your Rome sightseeing for later at night.

Rome city tour in 30-degree heat is no good for anyone. One of the things to do in Rome is to enjoy night tours as it offers the best way to beat the heat and you can visit all the sites you want.

Night walking tours are one of the perfect things to do in Rome. Avoid the crowds, and discover Rome’s most popular monuments without any streams of crowds surrounding them. 

Visit the beach to enjoy the sea, sun, and breeze.

Visiting Rome during the summer weekend is something cool. You will see the Italian capital has surprisingly few Italians. This is because, to escape the heat, Romans gather on weekends at a number of the area's sandy beach towns. 

And while Sardinia and Sicily may not have the same breathtaking sandy beaches as Rome, they are nevertheless very much worth visiting.  

Anzio and Sperlonga are the most gorgeous (but farthest) beach resorts, although Ostia is easily accessible by train from Rome and is home to the remarkable archaeological monument of Ostia Antica.

Enjoy the Opera at the Baths of Caracalla

Going to see a live opera inside an imperial bath complex is one of the best things to do in Rome during summer. Caracalla’s baths are an amazing historical site and in summer they serve as a setting for major opera productions. 

During the summer season, the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome takes over the historic baths for open-air concerts and music performances. Check the schedule and timings to see what events are happening in this one-of-a-kind venue. 

Enjoy a picnic in the Park of the Appia Antica

The most gorgeous natural location outside of Rome is perhaps the Via Appia Antica. Explore this historic Roman route on foot, bicycle, or, if you're feeling very adventurous, on an e-bike. Take in the ruins and find a quiet haven where you can relax and take in the stunning surroundings.  

This park is home to several archaeological sites and ruins. You can explore ancient tombs, catacombs, and remnants of Roman Villas, offering a glimpse into the history of the area. Don't miss the Tomb of Cecilia Metella, a magnificently preserved tomb that demonstrates the magnificence of classical Rome. 

Enjoy some delicious, and creamy gelato 

When the sun shines bright on the streets of Rome during summer, who would not like to have a delicious crafted gelato? Italian gelato comes in various flavors, from innovative creations like tiramisu, salted caramel, and fruit sorbets to stracciatella, pistachio, and hazelnut.

Small businesses, such as Gelateria La Romana and Grom, which has a location right at the top of Piazza Navona, have some of the best gelaterias in Rome. But if you are searching for something really good, not far from Piazza Navona is Gelateria del Teatro, an oasis of artisan gelato right in the heart of Rome’s and historic centers.

Enjoy a refreshing granita

Snacking on a cool granita is a terrific way to combat the heat when visiting Rome in the summer. This popular Roman drink, made with shaved ice and flavor-infused syrup, is the ideal way to cool off and revive yourself. If you're done with coffee, try the fruit cocktail or zesty lime varieties.

Romans have been enjoying variations of this refreshing delicacy for millennia. Hand-shaved ice is still used by the most traditional stands, including Sora Mirella in the center.

Take in Outdoor Cinema Like a True Roman

Rome's movie buffs spend the summer months curled up on picnic blankets in front of large silver screens in Trastevere or Villa Borghese. These scenes from movies are sometimes even arranged near the Roman Forum. Classic movies are frequently shown in their original tongue, but isn't that part of their charm?

Eat some of Rome’s finest cuisine

Without tasting the cuisine, a culture cannot be fully experienced. You will, of course, consume far more pizza, pasta, and gelato than is reasonable. To have a greater understanding of the city's rich history and culture, we urge you to try some of The Most Authentic Roman Dishes. 

You can also reserve our delectable Rome Food Tour, which includes a fantastic stroll through the undiscovered streets and neighborhoods of the old center.


Discover Rome the way the locals do to find the greatest activities in this amazing city. You wish you could spend more time in Rome exploring the city's ancient history and enjoying homemade gelato with your local host. There are so many other things to do in Rome. Plan your trip accordingly and have a wonderful summer trip to Rome.

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