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Guided Walking Tour


Malta: 2 City Walking Tours + Entry to Malta 5D


As a small island in the Southern Mediterranean, Malta has been inhabited by a considerable amount of foreign powers over the centuries. The earliest were the Phoenicians, followed by the Romans, Greeks, Arabs, The Knights of St. John, and most recently, Great Britain. While Malta is now an independent republic, each of its foreign occupiers left their mark on the island, allowing it to flourish as one of the most culturally diverse nations in Europe. On our guided walking tours through Valletta, Malta's gorgeous capital, we delve deeper into its exceptionally unique story of becoming an independent island nation through its most revered sights. And of course, we will point you to its best cafes, bars, and shops along the way.

From the 1500s to the modern day, our Knights of Malta to Colonial Times guided walking tour takes you on a journey through time in Malta. The tour starts at what was once considered the most beautiful building in Malta, the Royal Opera House, which was left in ruins during WWII but is still used as a performance venue today. We then walk along Republic Street, one of the main thoroughfares in Valletta, to discover the city's other iconic buildings, including the Palazzo Ferreria, Casino Maltese, and the Grandmasters Palace.

Next, join us as we take a guided tour through the East Side of the Peninsula City, a lesser-explored but equally compelling part of Valletta. As one of the most frequently occupied countries in Europe, Malta has had to build an incredibly strong defence structure which we discover for ourselves on the first leg of the guided tour. Passing through Castille Square, we reach the Upper Barraka Gardens, a serene public garden with breathtaking sea views.

After exploring many of the city's landmarks with your guide, use the free Vox City app (included in your ticket) to discover more of Malta and its incredible history.

Knights of Malta to Colonial Times – Red
1. Royal Opera House
2. St John's Co-Cathedral
3. Main Guard

The East Side of the Peninsula City – Blue
1. Royal Opera House
2. St. John's Co-Cathedral
3. Upper Barrakka Gardens

Self Guided Routes:
1. Lower Valletta & Grand Harbour
2. Renzo Piano & Entrance to a Walled City
3. Floriana - Borgo Vilhena

What you get:
✔️Unlimited access to walking tours for 3 days
✔️2 guided walking tours
✔️3 FREE self-guided walking tours in the Vox City app
✔️ Live commentary in English
✔️ Multilingual audio commentary in English, French, Spanish, Italian, German
✔️ Unlimited access to guided walking tours for the duration of your pass
✔️ Unlimited access to all self-guided features in the Vox City app for the duration of your stay
✔️Entry to Malta 5D Show

What you don’t get:
✖️ Mobile Device
✖️ Headphones
✖️ Entry to Attractions
✖️ Public Transportation Tickets

⚬ Your ticket is valid for 3 days. Join any of our 2 walking tours as you please during this time
⚬ The Vox City App is included in your ticket, use it to track your guide and book your spot on the tours
⚬ Guided tours depart from 10h00 at the main meeting point: Republic Street, Ruins of the Old Opera House, by the City Gate
⚬ Using the Vox City App, discover the rest of Malta with our 3 self-guided routes included in the price
⚬ All passes are valid for 12 months from your selected travel date. If your plans change and you’re unable to participate on your chosen date, simply use your voucher at another time
⚬ Tours operate Monday to Friday

Using your own mobile phone as your guiding and listening device, our experiences are completely contactless and naturally adhere to social distancing guidelines.