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St. Peter's Basilica and Cupola Guided Tour with Breakfast

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Start your tour and meet your guide at "Al San Michele" bar, where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast before embarking on an unforgettable adventure to Vatican City. 

Your tour begins with the Dome of the Basilica, the highest architectural point in Rome. You’ll enjoy spectacular views of the Eternal City not available anywhere else. Enjoy the Vatican Gardens, the roof of the Sistine Chapel, and the chimney of the papal conclave. Take the Basilica’s elevator to the base of the cupola. From this point you’ll have amazing views of the interior of the Basilica. Head upstairs to enjoy views of the city from the very top. 

Continue your tour with a visit to the main Basilica of Saint Peter's in the Vatican City State. Your guide will show you the main features of this important place of worship. See where St. Peter was buried, and also some of the secret, hidden spots at the heart of Catholic Rome.

Top Sights Includes:

    • • St. Peter's Basilica
    • • Sistine Chapel
    • • Vatican Gardens & More

  • Enjoy an included delicious Italian breakfast
  • Head to the Dome of the Basilica by elevator
  • Enjoy the panoramic views of Rome from the highest building in the city
  • Marvel at the works of Michelangelo and Bramante

What you get: 
✔️Elevator to the first level of the Dome (avoid climbing the 171 steps)
✔️ Guided tour

✔️ Italian breakfast
✔️ Headsets

What you don’t get:
✖️ Skip-the-line access
✖️ Optional activity costs

  • Please observe the strict dress code for the Basilica; no shorts or sleeveless shirts are allowed
  • There will be an airport-style security check before you enter St. Peter's Basilica; please leave liquids and sharp items at home and carry your possessions in a lightweight bag (you may be refused entrance to St. Peter's Basilica if you do not follow this)
  • It is the responsibility of all visitors to be at the meeting point 15 minutes before tour departure; guests arriving after departure cannot be accommodated, and missed tours or tickets cannot be refunded
  • This tour is not recommended for those who suffer from claustrophobia
  • Please note that you won’t have to climb all the stairs to the Dome; the elevator saves you 171 steps

What is a self-guided tour?

A self-guided tour is a type of tour where visitors explore a destination on their own using an audio guide or a map. Unlike a guided tour, visitors are not led by a tour guide and are free to choose their own pace and explore the sights that interest them the most. Self-guided tours offer more flexibility and freedom to visitors. They are a popular option for those who prefer to explore a destination independently.

Is a Walking Tour suitable for all ages?

The walking tour is suitable for all ages, but keep in mind that it involves a fair amount of walking and standing, so participants should be able to walk for at least 2.5 hours. Additionally, wearing comfortable walking shoes and bringing a water bottle can help ensure that you're comfortable throughout the tour.

What is a Multilingual Audio tour?

A multilingual audio tour is a type of tour that provides visitors with audio guides in multiple languages. Visitors can use headphones to listen to the audio guide as they explore a destination, with the audio guide providing information about the sights, history, and culture of the area. The audio guides are typically pre-recorded and offer visitors the option to choose their preferred language.

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With Vox tour of St. Peter's Basilica and Cupola was a perfect blend of history, art, and breathtaking views.



"I had an amazing time exploring St. Peter's Basilica and Cupola with VoxCity's audio-guided tour. The audio commentary was informative and provided interesting anecdotes about the basilica's construction and artwork.



I had an unforgettable experience with VoxCity, Cupola was a bit challenging, but the panoramic views of Rome from the top were absolutely worth it. This tour is a must for any visitor.



Tour of St. Peter's Basilica and Cupola was the perfect way to explore one of the world's most magnificent architectural wonders, Thanks to Vox City!



Vox City's guided tour of St. Peter's Basilica and Cupola was an absolute highlight of my trip to Rome. The knowledgeable guide took us through the rich history and stunning architecture of the basilica, providing fascinating insights along the way. Climbing to the top of the Cupola offered breathtaking panoramic views of the city. An unforgettable experience.

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