Top 7 places to visit in Barcelona for a joyous Spain tour
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Top 7 places to visit in Barcelona for a joyous Spain tour

If you're looking for an unforgettable vacation experience, Barcelona is the best place to visit. It's easy to see why: Barcelona has a plethora of breathtaking attractions just waiting to be discovered. With many modernist buildings lining the city's streets, Barcelona is Catalonia's cosmopolitan metropolis and home to world-class architectural marvels. Barcelona, a vibrant metropolis brimming with art, culture, and color, is a joy to discover on foot with Voxcity. Despite Paris's well-deserved moniker as the "city of love," many visitors will be astounded by Barcelona's own brand of romanticism. You don't feel the urge to rush around and see every famous landmark in Barcelona as you do in Paris. To truly experience Barcelona, you must walk the streets and soak in its vivacity.

Barcelona embodies the meaning of 'vivacity' with its picturesque lanes, sunny beaches, and stunning modernist architecture. As a result, whether you're looking for a quiet family holiday or an ardent honeymoon, Barcelona is the ideal location. So, if you're planning a trip to Barcelona for the very first time, be sure to look up this list of these 7 must-see attractions to get a sense of the city's true splendor.

Sagrada Família

Barcelona would not be complete without mentioning Gaud's renowned unfinished masterwork, the Sagrada Familia. If you're planning a trip to Barcelona, this is a must-see! In contrast to the rest of the city's skyline, La Sagrada Familia stands tall and proud. By the year 1882, he had already begun work on the gigantic cathedral. The celebration of the 100th anniversary of Antoni Gaud's death will be completed in 2026.

Located in the city's northern reaches, this gothic-style church has 18 massive spindly bell towers around it. When you arrive at the church, the first thing you notice is the stunning architecture. It tells the tale of Jesus' birth, his life, death, and resurrection. The church's interior is also beautiful, thanks to the intricately-decorated ceiling and the eye-catching Crucifix. Use Voxcity's self-guided audio tour of the Sagrada Familia to learn more about the building's rich history and architectural design. Voxcity app-based self-guided audio tour allows you to study and discover the history of one of Barcelona's most important and exciting structures, and you'll be able to enjoy unlimited solo touring of the Sagrada Familia during this tour.

La Sagrada Familia; Hidden secrets & mysteries!



Casa Mila

Casa Mila, also known as La Pedrera by locals, is Antoni Gaudi's latest architectural masterpiece. Formed between 1906 and 1912 this extravagant construction appears to have more in common with a piece of art than a construction because of its graceful curves. Its magnificent plant-shaped balconies and unusual circular windows further enhance its opulent appearance. The Fundacio Catalunya, a well-known cultural center, is housed at Casa Mila and hosts a variety of events throughout the year. As a result, Casa Mila is an excellent choice for families looking for popular attractions in Barcelona with young children.

AD Classics: Casa Milà / Antoni Gaudí | ArchDaily

Also, you can access your Voxcity digital city guide at any moment. Tap into the tour on your phone and listen to audio commentary while you walk the streets of the city. A self-guided trekking route, a picture hotspot, and an app to get you to an attraction of your preference are some of the options you have in your Voxcity app.

Park Guell

Following up on the Gaudi-inspired architecture found around Barcelona, Park Güell is another must-see destination. This is a well-known park that Antoni Gaud has also designed. It's one of Barcelona's most popular tourist sites, and it's a perfect place for newlyweds to get away from the crowds, enjoy live music on the streets, and share passionate hugs in the secluded caverns. If you're in town, be sure to check out the city from a rooftop patio.

Voxcity's walking tour of Park Güell is the greatest way to discover the lifestyle of Gaudi and the residences and grandeur on display inside the park. Make sure to visit at Gaudi House Museum while you're in Park Güell to learn more about the architect's life.

The fantasy world of Park Güell - KLM Travel Guide


Casa Batlló

A stroll down Passeig de Gràcia, where Casa Batlló can be found, is well worth the trip merely for the series of houses that give the street its notoriety. On this street, you can stay at the Majestic Hotel and Spa, a significant thoroughfare in Barcelona. Aside from Casa Batlló, there is a slew of retail establishments and dining options nearby. This 19th-century home was designed by Gaudi for the Battló family. The balconies seem like skeletons if you take a close look at them. Voxcity's audio tours engage you in the city's culture and history as you approach its most famous monuments.


Palau De La Musica Catalan

Another well-known Catalan artist as well as architect, Lluis Domenech I Montaner, designed the Palau de la Musica Catalana, a 19th-century opera hall. This stunning building's facade features exquisitely crafted mosaic work and ornate columns, earning it the title "ultimate manifestation of Catalan Modernism." While this may be true for the external section of the opera house, the interior features a stunning glass roof that is absolutely stunning during the daytime. During the day, the performance hall is bathed in natural light thanks to the stained-glass ceiling. If you enjoy both opera and beautiful architecture, the Palau de Les Arts de Catalunya should be high on your list of things to do in Barcelona.

Palau de la Música Catalana: one of the most spectacular concert halls

Tours of the Palau de la Msica Catalana's interior, including the performance hall with its elaborate glass ceiling, stained glass panels, and vibrant décor, may indeed be booked through Voxcity. It's a must-see for visitors to Barcelona, as it's one of the city's most spectacular landmarks.

Montjuic Castle

Visit the captivating Montjuic castle on your first trip to Barcelona with your family if you're looking for family-friendly things to do in Catalunya's capital. At an elevation of 213 meters above sea level, this magnificent castle is famed for its stunning vistas and awe-inspiring museums. The castle's museums feature an incredible number of Catalan art that is sure to leave you speechless. 

Montjuïc Castle | Barcelona Cable Car

Voxcity's audio tours are a great way to learn about this magnificent location. Take use of your on-board audio commentary to learn about the area's most popular attractions, or simply stop whenever you choose to suit your own itinerary.


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