Tour of London: Get the best city experience
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Tour of London: Get the best city experience


London is the most visited city in Europe, with over 27 million visitors annually. London's status as a popular tourist destination is hardly surprising, given the city's Roman origins and long history of prosperity. London now ranks among the globe's most multicultural metropolises, boasting a storied past along with some of the best art and culture from all over the world. The Shard and other contemporary landmarks frame a system of historic streets and alleys that now house chic boutiques, critically acclaimed theatres, or other cultural institutions that gives you the best city experience. The streets of London are one of the city's most impressive features, as they wind majestically around landmarks such as Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and St. Paul's Cathedral.

Whether you're a shopper, a foodie, an explorer, a history buff, or a family with young children, you'll find something in your next tour of London, but it can be hard to know where to begin. Should you take a city tour of London and get in one of the city's many world-class museums (many of which offer free admission), enjoy a picnic in one of the many parks, tour an imperial palace, or stroll through a beautiful garden? If you're not into museums, maybe you'd enjoy a trip on the London Eye, a horsy ride, or a high tea at Harrods. We have assembled a list of the best places to tour in London to help you get started. What's the best part, then? The majority of London's must-see attractions don't cost anything, and if any of them do, you can take advantage of Voxcity's guided tour packages so you can skip the planning and get right to the fun.

Visit Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace, a famous British landmark, hosts one of the most famous and widely attended military pageants in the world, the Changing of the Guard which is a must-see while your tour to London. All year round at 11:30 am, you can join the band as they march from St. James's Palace to The Mall while playing music and performing a spectacular parade. Ever since Queen Victoria's reign, the British royal family has made Buckingham Palace in London, England, their official London residence. 

King Charles III's residence in London, Buckingham Palace, is accessible for tours to London (with the exception of the king's private chambers, of course). You will have an entree to the 19 State Rooms during the tour, where the king and other royal family members entertain guests for state, ceremonial, and official events. These halls exhibit some of the most remarkable items from the Royal Collection and are lavishly decorated with chandeliers, candelabras, paintings by Van Dyck and Canaletto, and elegant English and French furniture. The State Rooms, where kings and queens have entertained guests on both formal and ceremonial occasions, are also historical witnesses in addition to the spectacular interiors. The Throne Room, which served as the setting for the couple's official wedding photos, will be familiar to anyone who closely watched Prince William and Kate Middleton's nuptials.

You can benefit from the self-guided tour (Mega pack) audio guide offered by Vox City so that you can hear a thorough history of each area at your own pace. Recent visitors advised that you use the restrooms prior to the start of the tour because there are no public restrooms accessible until you reach the garden. It was also suggested that you set aside a minimum of two hours to explore the State Rooms (and also that you wear comfy shoes). No food or beverages (apart from bottled water) are allowed within the palace except in the Garden Café.

Westminster Abbey

Having hosted several royal ceremonies such as marriages and coronations, this medieval church provides a stunning window into London's rich city experience. Due to the high volume of visitors and the staff's insistence that you move quickly through the site, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with Westminster Abbey in advance if you do not want to miss the things that are most important to you. For example, the Poets' Corner is a great place to stop by if you're a bookworm. Authors of the caliber of Geoffrey Chaucer, Charles Dickens, and Rudyard Kipling are all buried here. Visit the grave of Elizabeth I and Mary Tudor, who were bitter adversaries and half-sisters, if you're interested in the drama that surrounded them throughout their reigns.

Take advantage of the Westminster Abbey self-guided audio tour from Vox City if you'd like to see the abbey at your own leisure while still receiving some insight into the history you're witnessing. Experience one of the city's most revered places of worship and a real symbol of British history and culture on this guided tour. The gothic front of Westminster Abbey, a UNESCO World Heritage monument, is one of the city's most recognizable landmarks during your city tour of London. The cathedral has a long history of association with the British royal family, including the hosting of 17 royal weddings and Princess Diana's funeral.


River Thames

The Thames is a must-see site while on your tour to London and it has played a crucial role in London's economy for many years. It empties into the North Sea at its estuary. Since prehistoric times, it has been an important center of population and a strategic stronghold for both the Romans and the monarchs of England. A number of London-based cruise operators provide Thames River excursions to get the best city experience. Cruises leave from a variety of key locations every 30 minutes. You can book a dinner or afternoon tea cruise to see the city's sights after dark, or you can take a daytime cruise to see them in the daylight. Taking a cruise down the Thames is a fantastic way to experience the city in a fresh light. Vox City offers a self-guided audio tour of the river Thames and its famous landmarks.

From the Tower of London and Tower Bridge to the London Eye and Big Ben, our trip highlights some of London's most recognizable monuments as seen from the River Thames. Listen to our audio tour of London while you float along the river or walk along the bank, and learn about the interesting background of these sites.


British Museum

The British Museum has one of the world's finest collections of antiquities, with more than 13 million artifacts dating back to antiquity. Magnificent artifacts from China, Europe, Babylonia, and Assyria are just some of the highlights of this enormous site. The on-site bookstore sells books on topics such as art history, archaeology, and ancient history, as well as children's books, souvenirs, and games. There are a variety of lectures and seminars, as well as a cafe and restaurant, for people who like to spend more time at the museum. An audio tour, provided by Vox City, can help you learn more about the British Museum at your own pace. On our self-guided tour, you'll get the chance to peruse one of the world's most extensive assemblages of human cultural artifacts to get the best city experience. Over 8 million artifacts and pieces are waiting to be seen at the British Museum, making it one of London's most popular tourist destinations. The museum's 23 galleries and special exhibitions cover a period of British history that exceeds two million years and will leave you in awe.


The National Gallery

London's National Gallery, located in the heart of the city's Trafalgar Square, is so massive that visitors need a special, color-coded map to make their way around the building. Western European paintings spanning the 13th through the early 20th century, such as Italian Renaissance classics and French Impressionist works, are on display at the museum. Some of the 2,300 works on display are masterpieces by artists like Botticelli and Rembrandt and Van Gogh. Recent visitors gushed about the National Gallery's incredible collection of paintings, claiming that it would take more than a day to see everything. Their praise extends to the gallery's cafe as well. The National Gallery can also be explored via a self-guided audio tour from Vox City. 

One of the most impressive structures during your tour to London is right here in Trafalgar Square, and we'll be giving you a self-guided tour of it as part of our excursion. Even more remarkable than the National Gallery's flashy facade is the institution's extensive art collection. It was built in 1824, but since then it has grown to become one of the largest art museums in the world, housing approximately 2,300 works of art from Europe spanning six centuries. 

At Voxcity, our London Sightseeing Tours, both self-guided and guided, are available in multiple languages, providing you with the finest possible opportunity to view the city's top sights to gain the best experience. This tour package has long been a favorite of both out-of-towners and natives because it allows for a comprehensive overview of the city in a single vacation. 

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