What are the essential sites to see in Rome?
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What are the essential sites to see in Rome?

Rome, or Roma as it is known in Italian, is a city rich in beauty and history. Enthusiasm is piqued by its evolution from a quiet Tiber River neighborhood to a cultural powerhouse. This imperial metropolis produces a magnificent tapestry that displays craftsmanship, culture, and historical accomplishments and is embroidered with exquisite diamonds. Famous landmarks like the Pantheon of Rome, the Colosseum, the Vatican Gardens Hall of Urns, and other amazing places are proof of Rome's enthralling charm. Don't miss them on your fantastic sightseeing tour of this picturesque city! These historical sites reflect important facets of the Roman heritage from antiquity and have had a huge impact on modern society on several fronts, making them extremely relevant even in the present. Enhance your Rome city tour with a Rome self-guided tour presented by Voxcity for your top-notch Rome sightseeing experience.

The Historical Rome

Rome is well-known not just for its iconic structures and representations of gods, but also for its 2,000-year history. Its earliest traces date back to 753 BC when the mythological twins Romulus and Remus founded the city along the Tiber River. From its modest beginnings, Rome rose to prominence as the hub of the powerful Roman Empire, which at the time ruled over Europe, western Asia, and northern Africa. Its lengthy history has seen some amazing times, which have shaped this historical treasure into the beauty we witness today. 

Rome has become a major tourist destination, drawing millions of visitors from across the globe who want to see the actual ruins of its legendary past as well as take in the vibrant metropolis that has been portrayed in movies. You may get insight into a city's vibrant local culture and fully immerse yourself in its illustrious legacy and winning artistic style by delving into its historical past. Rome self-guided tour offered by Voxcity is ideal for anybody seeking a deeper understanding of the city. It enables guests to discover the various nuances that comprise the ancient Greek way of living, from music to culture to gastronomy, at a relaxed pace. The excursion offers an all-encompassing journey through this fascinating place with interesting encounters at every turn, promising a delight in both ancient history and contemporary street flair.

Sightseeing worthy Sites

Rome has always captivated tourists because of its ancient sites from its affluent past, which are made even more impressive by Voxcity's Rome self-guided tour that transports guests to ancient Rome. Rome's outstanding artistic and architectural creations are a perfect representation of the city's vast cultural significance as the beating heart of an ancient civilization. Rome stands out from other well-liked tourist destinations because of its notable attractions including the Colosseum, Palatine Stadium, Roman Forum, along with Trevi Fountain. 

The Colosseum

The Colosseum, also known to be the Flavian Amphitheater, or simply the Colosseum, is a monument of the brilliance of ancient Roman architecture and is one of the must-see attractions in Rome. This amazing achievement was given to the Romans during the rule of Emperor Flavian, and the structure has since developed into a permanent monument bearing witness to the city's rich and luxurious past.

The Colosseum serves as a magnificent reminder of history that is still lovingly maintained today. This magnificent amphitheater's breathtaking design tells ancient Roman tales while captivating audiences. It served as a lot more than a site for celebrations, during the height of the empire's magnificence, it represented extravagance and amusement.

The Colosseum featured dramatic gladiator bouts during Rome's heyday, exposing fatalities and harsh realities of life in a spectacle. Audiences including residents from all around Rome and nobility present with their entourage would congregate to see these brutal contests that featured fights between humans and animals. The inside of this fabled marvel reveals significant features like the emperor's private compartment box, the combatants' entry into battle marked by a gate decorated especially for them called "the Gladiator Gate," and other elements like its elevated platform arena, known back then as simply titled "The Arena," in addition to a basement room called the hypogeum. Together, these elements give us glimpses into the complex craftsmanship that is now paired with historically significant elements.

The Roman Forum 

The Roman Forum, which formerly housed an array of temples, basilicas, and public spaces that were at the center of Roman Empire activities, is an outstanding showcase of the architectural prowess of ancient Rome. Since then, it has developed into a bustling hub for a variety of occasions, including elections, gladiatorial games, public addresses, legal proceedings, and triumphant processions. This ancient marvel has withstood the ages to maintain its magnificence today.

Julius Caesar and his heir apparent Augustus's diligent design work resulted in an astounding array of buildings within the Roman Forum. With the Senate House added, its dominance over the several forums of ancient Rome was cemented.

With Voxcity's Rome self-guided tour, learn about the fascinating history of the Roman Forum and discover tales of looting and continuing excavations that uncover its hidden gems. Take in the vivid historical fabric of Rome before setting out to discover yet another hidden treasure.

Palatine Stadium

Take an intriguing Rome sightseeing trip that includes a stop at the Palatine Stadium. This site has plenty of historical significance because it was the imperial residence of Roman emperors and has ties to Roman mythology. This famous location is rich in mythology since it is thought to have been the place where Romulus and Remus were raised as babies. To add to its charm and enigma, there is also a story that links Palatine to Hercules' triumphant victory against Bull.

The Palatine Stadium, once lost to myth, has been transformed into a magnificent space including walls and a private garden area. A wider path leads to the ancient portico of the palace. Situated within eight minutes from the Colosseum, this magnificent location offers a glimpse into the opulent lifestyles of Roman emperors. Located in the heart of Rome, Palatine Stadium is easily reachable and a must-see destination on any thoroughfare through the city. Head to Biglietteria Palatino, the entryway to this historic monument, to start exploring its rich history and architectural marvels. As part of an interesting sightseeing tour, you will be taken back into Rome's colourful history by delving into the evolutionary stories and mythology-inspired narratives of Palatine Stadium.

The Trevi Fountain

See the Trevi Fountain to enhance the pleasure of your Rome trip. Located in Piazzi di Trevi in the centre of Rome, this well-known fountain has a magnificent and spectacular design that includes the sea deity Neptune and winged horses. Not only is Fontana di Trevi, often known as the "Trevi Fountain," an architectural marvel, but it is also quite accessible due to its position astride three roadways. From the time of its conception in 1732 until its completion in 1762, Nicola Salvi took 30 years to build the edifice, an incredible accomplishment that further enhanced the site's already remarkable renown among tourists from across the world. Additionally gaining acclaim over the globe for roles in films like Roman Holiday and La Dolce Vita, you are unlikely to want to miss the opportunity to witness personally what makes Tevi Fountain so charming. The custom of tossing coins into the renowned Trevi Fountain, which represents a wish to revisit Rome, generates a great deal of income. Every year, millions of tourists participate in this tradition, which results in the collection of 1.4 million coins from the fountain that are donated to help impoverished households. Get your tickets now to ensure future journeys and have an amazing experience! Don't forget to flip the coin!


Experience Rome's unending beauty, recognizable sites, mouthwatering food, exciting music scene, and dynamic culture to guarantee an amazing trip. Consider using Voxcity's self-guided audio tour to further enhance your experience. Together, these amazing features make Rome a top choice for tourists looking for iconic locations that capture the essence of the city of millennia. Exploring these sites fosters a deep appreciation for the artistic and inventive spirit of the ancient Romans while also providing insight into earlier times. Each site has a distinctive story to tell regarding the diverse past and legacy etched into every part of this lovely city.

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