The Top 10 Must-See Highlights of St. Peter's Basilica
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The Top 10 Must-See Highlights of St. Peter's Basilica

St. Peter’s Basilica Digital Audio Tour

A masterpiece, St. Peter's Basilica soars impressively and triumphantly in Vatican City, functioning as an icon of Catholicism and a bygone era of Rome for residents and visitors from around the globe. A Mediaeval masterpiece, St. Peter's Basilica is a tourist attraction in the Vatican. Among the four great churches in worldwide history, the sprawling basilica has been constructed over the tomb of St. Peter, one of the apostles of Jesus Christ.


A visit to St. Peter's Basilica is an opportunity to enter both the center of Christianity and an institution brimming with artistic legacy, originally constructed and decorated by many of the most celebrated artists in history. With the help of the St. Peter's Basilica digital audio guide, you can discover all the little details that have contributed to this Church's remarkable design feat, improve your tourism experience in Rome, and uncover the enigmatic treasures housed within this architectural wonder.

Importance of St. Peter’s Basilica back in the age


Basilica is a customary title of respect bestowed upon cathedrals in Roman Catholicism and Greek Orthodoxy for their importance as the center of devotion for the world or because of their historical importance. deemed the most iconic structure of its era, St. Peter Basilica retains its importance in the world of tourism and travel. Pope Julius II established the cornerstone for St. Peter's Basilica in 1506, and his successor, Pope Paul V, supervised the structure's completion in 1615. The structure of St. Peter Basilica is renowned for its Italian Renaissance style, which incorporates many important conventional elements. The building is the main destination due to its three-aisled Latin cross over the exquisite dome at the crossing, which is located above the highest altar with the sacred site of St. Peter the Apostel.


The structure is an essential destination for worldwide pilgrimages by Christian people and Roman citizens. A multitude of Catholics assemble annually in the area of Saint Peter's Square and the basilica to watch events administered by the Holy Father.


The Basilica of Saint Peter is a gaze of architecture and provides an overview of the artistic endeavors and civilization of ancient Rome, in addition to its sacred significance and St. Peter's long legacy. St. Peter turned out to be the biggest place of worship in the Christian community worldwide up until 1989. Use Vox City's digital audio guide to learn more about your St. Peter's Basilica tour.

Top 10 highlights of St. Peter’s Basilica

St. Peter Basilica is filled with architectural and artistic marvels on every edge of it be it its exterior or its interior. Unveil every inch of it with the digital audio guide available at Voxcity and can be availed on your phone easily. The highlights of St. Peter’s Basilica include several gems here are the top 10 for you to enhance your St. Peter’s Basilica Tour in Rome. 


Saint Peter's Basilica is an eternal splendor from its outer appearance, although inside it has been entirely geared toward dazzling everyone thanks to the breathtaking grandeur and aesthetic works. Given that St. Peter's Basilica ranks as one of the finest and outstanding testaments to Renaissance construction, it is overflowing with incomparable valuables.

1. The exterior of St. Peter’s Basilica


The expansive outdoor spaces of St. Peter's Basilica are a particularly striking feature. St. Peter's Square, which measures 150 feet long and 376 feet wide, is a spiral courtyard encircled by doric-style columns indicative of ancient Roman architecture. At the primary entryway of St. Peter's Basilica, a pair of 18-foot-tall sculptures of Saint Paul and Saint Peter, the twelfth apostle, guard the steps leading up to it.

2. Cupola 


The towering dome also known as the cupola of St. Peter's Basilica was designed by artist Michelangelo a renowned designer. In addition to its striking exterior, the interior beneath this massive cupola is stunning, alongside rich stucco ornamentation and vivid tile mosaics embellishing the walls that surround it. The exquisite design and history of the dome can be daunting if you don't know where to begin or which part to see first. A digital audio guide to St. Peter's Basilica is readily accessible for those who want to do more than merely admire the work of art before they leave. 

3. Pieta


Pieta, carved in Carrara marble by the legendary Italian Master Michelangelo in the late 15th century, remains one of the most widely appreciated sculptures in the globe. It's a 6-foot-tall structure illustrating Jesus in Mary's lap soon after his execution. The monument stands over the tourists and shows a powerful and spiritual energy that emphasizes the sacredness of the moment.


Pieta is Michelangelo's only carving and is influenced by the term "pity." It is located in the main chapel on the right as you enter the basilica.

4. Statue of Longinus

The main focus that draws the eye is a standing 13-foot-tall sculpture designed by Bernini in 1643. The indicative stone statute is of Longinus, an ancient Roman commander who struck Jesus with a spear, however shortly after the death of Christ, Longinus switched to the Christian faith. An audio-guided tour of St. Peter's Basilica facilitates the visitor to soak up the exquisite craftsmanship of every monument and artwork, unraveling before their eyes.

5. Bernini bronze statue

The renowned sculpture of St. Peter, designed in the 5th century by Bernini, stands opposing the Longinus statue. St. Peter is recognized as the commander of Jesus' 12 apostles, the very first bishop of Antioch, eventually becoming the earliest bishop of Rome and eventually Pope. Observing this bronze sculpture of St. Peter seated on a polished stone seat with heaven keys in his left and right hands imposed in a sign of blessing fills your St. Peter's Basilica tour with spirituality.

6. St. Peter’s chair


The opulent St. Peter's Chair is a representation of the height of the Italian Renaissance. It also highlights the longstanding significance of Catholic artifacts that have been preserved for several centuries.


This elaborate piece is one of the most notable historical treasures, together with Baldacchino as well as the Basilica's High Altar. See this important relic of ancient Rome up close when you explore St. Peter's Basilica with a digital audio guide.

7. The papal altar


Bernini spent eleven years completing the papal altar, which can be found in the middle of St. Peter's Basilica. The most significant component of the church is the altar, which was constructed over St. Peter's tomb and has a conventional Roman-style canopy across four columns at the top of the structure. 

8. Vatican grottoes 

The Vatican Grottoes are an assortment of papal tombs positioned underneath St. Peter's Basilica. In addition to ancient creations, the Grottoes' dwelling artifacts have remained undisturbed for ages. Not only do popes rest within these chambers of rest, but monarchs, cardinals, and various other dignitaries from Rome's past are also cremated here. The burial chambers in St. Peter's Basilica number above one hundred. 

9. Tomb of St. Peter


St. Peter's Basilica, constructed in the 16th century, was once called the Vatican Hill, the burial location of Apostle Peter, who endured execution in 64 C.E. at Caliluga's Circus. even though St. Peter's Basilica is the final resting place for several designated popes of that time frame, it is unknown whether the tomb there contains St. Peter's remains.


Savor an unforgettable vacation at St. Peter's Basilica. Use the digital audio guide for the Tombs to get a glimpse of the rich history of St. Peter's Basilica and its priceless artwork. 

10. The holy door


The one occasion when the Holy Door, also known as the "Porta Sancta," is accessible is during The Holy Year (Jubilee), which last took place in 2000.


The Pope unlocks the brick structure for pilgrims on the very initial day of a holy year by striking it with an antique metallic hammer.


The Holy Door conveys the notion that God is compassionate toward humanity's frailty. The "Door of the Great Pardon" is another name for this door. The illustrations depict stories of sinful mankind and restoration by the Lord's generosity and mercy. 


The St. Peter's Basilica is an exclusive architectural success. Several structures from the Renaissance period are still visible as indications of the Renaissance style of construction. The Basilica is an unchangeable cherished trove for devotees and supporters, with a centuries-old past and the signature masterpieces of renowned artists like Michelangelo yet unaltered. Every year, thousands of people from all over the globe head to St. Peter's Basilica. Vacationers from all over the world visit St. Peter's Basilica to quench their need for exploration. 


Make your journey remarkable with VoxCity’s St. Peter’s Basilica digital audio guide and become seamlessly with the locals of Rome.  


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