What makes St. Peter's Basilica a masterpiece?
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What makes St. Peter's Basilica a masterpiece?

Unveil St. Peter’s Basilica with your Digital Audio Guide

St. Peter's Basilica is a masterpiece that is standing majestically and gloriously in the Vatican City, and serving as a symbol of ancient Rome and Christendom for the people of Rome and tourists from all over the world. The Vatican's St. Peter's Basilica is a Renaissance masterpiece. The tremendous structure, established over the grave of St. Peter, one of Jesus Christ's twelve apostles, is one of the world's four major cathedrals.


Pope Julius II inaugurated the structure in 1506 and it took almost a century to build. The building process included contributions from Renaissance master artists and architects such as Michelangelo and Raphael. Learn every detail that makes this Church such an engineering amazement with St. Peter’s Basilica’s digital audio guide, enhance your Rome sightseeing experience, and undrape the hidden gems that reside inside this architectural miracle of Rome.


Tour of St. Peter's Basilica implies entering the heart of Christendom, as well as a structure brimming with rich art and heritage, established and ornamented by many of the historic greatest artists. 

Exterior of St. Peter’s Basilica


The most striking aspect of St. Peter's Basilica is its sprawling courtyard. St. Peter's is accessible through St. Peter's Square, a spiraling courtyard embraced by doric-styled columns inspired by ancient Roman architecture and it ends at Saint Peter's exterior, which is 376 feet in width and 150 feet long. Carlo Maderno designed the exterior structure, which features an enormous arrangement of columns made of Corinthian stone and crested by thirteen statues of eleven apostles surrounding Christ along with John the Baptist. It is approached on the ground level by steps guarded by two 18-foot-high statues of Saint Peter the twelfth apostle and Saint Paul situated at the grand entrance of St. Peter’s Basilica. 


The St. Peter’s Basilica sightseeing is incomplete without the enhanced tour of its majestic entrance and witnessing the monuments of St. Peter and St. Paul before entering the real world of art and architecture living in the one and only St. Peter’s Basilica. 

Interior of St. Peter’s Basilica   


The everlasting marvel that Saint Peter’s Basilica is from the outside, its interior is one hundred percent capable of mesmerizing you with its awe-inspiring architecture and artistic masterpieces. Since St. Peter's Basilica is one of the oldest and most stunning examples of Renaissance construction, it is packed with irreplaceable treasure troves, both in regard to architectural details and antiques.


Among the art pieces on display are Michelangelo's Pieta statue, Bernini's bronze statue, and St. Peter's chair along with several Papal monuments, and a masterpiece of neoclassical artwork of Pope Pius VI.


Even the most seasoned travelers can be taken aback by Saint Peter's Basilica’s gems making it a complete treasure chest in today's age. A new perspective and an outtake on life can make a huge difference in witnessing the landmarks of Rome, especially St. Peter’s Basilica which is full of heritage and spirituality for the pilgrims as well as the locals of Rome. Explore every detail, every historical importance, and every story behind the monuments on VoxCity’s digital audio guide and embark on a journey of everlasting beauty and rich culture of St. Peter’s Basilica. 

Gems of Saint Peter’s Basilica   


Packed with hidden gems St. Peter’s Basilica is home to statues of several ancient Roman personalities still celebrated worldwide. 


The Statue of Michelangelo’s Pieta is one of the most famous structures in the world was sculpted in the marble of Carrara in the late 15th century by the Italian master Michelangelo himself at the age of 24. Positioned at six feet tall, the structure demonstrates Jesus in Mary's lap following his crucifixion. The monument prevails over its surroundings and oozes a regal and mystical aura that reminds visitors of the sacredness of the moment.


Pieta is the sole artwork created by Michelangelo and is motivated by a feeling of pity. It is located at the basilica's entrance in the first chapel on the right.


Another gem located in the loggia gallery of St. Peter’s Basilica is the Statue of Saint Longinus. The focus attraction is a 1643 statue by Bernini that stands at least 13 feet tall. The striking marble statue represents Longinus, an ancient Roman force officer who speared Jesus but swiftly converted to Christianity after Jesus's death. You may discover the background and admire the artistic merits of each statue and painting at St. Peter's Basilica by taking a digital audio guide tour. 


The well-known, fifth-century bronze statue of St. Peter is located across from the Longinus statue. As the first pastor of Antioch, the first pastor of Rome, and eventually the first Pope, St. Peter is recognized as the leader of the Twelve Apostles of Jesus. Your St. Peter's Basilica tour is made more spiritual by seeing this bronze statue of St. Peter sitting on a marble chair, holding heaven keys in his left hand and raising his right in an act of good fortune.


Unravel the hidden gems of St. Peter’s Basilica on your Digital audio guide tour available in multiple languages and provides a detailed narration of every landmark and each artwork present in Rome. 

The Vatican Grottoes

Situated beneath St. Peter's Basilica is a collection of papal tombs known as the Vatican Grottoes. Aside from archaeological artworks, the Grottoes reside relics that have been preserved for centuries. Not only do the popes rest in these burial chambers, but other church officials, kings, and other notable figures from Rome's past are also laid to rest here. Within St. Peter's Basilica, there are over a hundred tombs. 


Indulge in an adventure of a lifetime with St. Peter’s Basilica Grottoes: Papal Tombs digital audio guide to take a glimpse of an eventful history of St. Peter’s Basilica and its artistic treasure and masterpieces. 

Majestic Cupola of the St. Peter’s Basilica


Michelangelo, the master artist, created the cupola of St. Peter's Basilica. This enormous cupola's interior is breathtakingly gorgeous, with rich stucco decorations and colorful mosaics adorning the walls in addition to its striking exterior. If you're not sure where to start or which part of the dome to see first, the beauty and history of it can be intimidating. A digital audio guide of St.Peter’s Basilica is there for the rescue of all those who wish to do more than just see the architecture and head back. 


Climbing the cupola is one of the activities that can be done besides sightseeing in St. Peter’s Basilica. The climb consists of two parts: the first leads you into the dome's interior, where you can get an in-depth look at the ceramic mosaics and stunning views of the basilica underneath. And the second level is for those with a little more spirit of adventure. There are 551 steps in all, and they get gradually narrower and windier until they reach a slender, spiral staircase to take in the most breathtaking sight of St. Peter's Square. 


For an amazing experience full of adventures become part of St. Peter Basilica and cupola guide tour and enhance your trip with views seen never before. 


An amazing accomplishment of architecture, St. Peter's Basilica is a unique structure. Very few structures still stand as examples of the baroque architectural style from the Renaissance. With an ancient history and the signatures of prominent artists like Michelangelo still intact, the Basilica is an absolute mine of treasure for enthusiasts and believers. Throughout the world, millions of people visit St. Peter's Basilica each year. On St. Peter’s Basilica tour tourists from around the globe fulfill both aspects of life spiritual as well as wanderlust. 


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