Why the Pantheon Audio Tour is a Must-Do Activity in Rome
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Why the Pantheon Audio Tour is a Must-Do Activity in Rome

The Pantheon Audio Tour

Hop on a journey of the Pantheon like never before with the new and enhanced feature of the audio tour with VoxCity’s app available 24/7 for an elevated experience of the Pantheon where the grandiosity of ancient Rome is waiting for you to unfold it and live the moment of grandness. The absolute undying beauty that the Pantheon is, gives a glance at ancient Roman history and shows the importance of the Pantheon being the historic site of Rome by the measure generals and Emperors took to build something so magnificent that millions of people even today visit Rome to witness Pantheon’s rich architecture and the artistic treasures that resides inside.  


Make your Pantheon journey as remarkable as it can get with our Pantheon skip-the-line entry ticket and digital audio tour to save some time and spend it on other larger-than-life sites of Rome to satisfy your inner globetrotter. 

With the Pantheon audio tour, roam Rome like locals and discover every site, and every historic landmark, know about its history, and get a piece of knowledge about every art piece and tradition while having the best gelatos and pizzas on the way. Level up your sightseeing experiences with an app made especially to satisfy your wanderlust with audio guides, itineraries, offline maps, and a multilingual audio tour. Explore the hidden gems of the Eternal City of Rome and get mesmerized by the everlasting beauty.

Gems of the Pantheon 


One of Rome's most famous sites, the Pantheon is rich in culture, history, and engineering wonder that draws millions of tourists from all over the planet each year. Its name, which combines the Greek terms "Pan" and "Theon," which imply all gods, encapsulates its very initial motive. Built as a temple to the Roman gods, the incredible structure has stood for almost two millennia as an outstanding example of Roman craftsmanship and a testament to the technological wizardry of the ancient Romans.


The building's design is cylinder-shaped, with a portico supported by large Corinthian granite columns beneath an arching pediment. The rotunda, which is below a coffered concrete dome with an oculus showing the skies, is connected to the front porch by a rectangular portico.


Inside the Pantheon resides the statues of Greek gods including, a statue of Jupiter, a statue of Venus, and a statue of Mars representing and dedicated to the gods.


The Statue of Jupiter represents the king of all the gods in Roma mythology situated inside the Pantheon. The statue of Mars represents the god of forces and military for the safety and guardianship of the fallen Roman empire and the statue of Venus represents the goddess of love, fertility, beauty, and grace symbolizing prosperity and harmony within Romans. 

Along with these, there are two tremendous statues of the Ceasur Agustus and Marcus Agrripa situated on the front porch on two corners.

Protip:  Avail your skip-the-line entry ticket for some time on your hands to listen to the history of these statues on the Pantheon audio tour, unlike the traditional tour guides. 

Tombs in the Pantheon  

Along with statues, altars, chapels, and paintings something that the Pantheon is famous for are the tombs of kings and celebrated artists.

Tomb of Victor Emmanual


Between 1861 and 1871, Victor Emmanual, a Sardinian King, successfully united all of Italy's sub-kingdoms to form one great nation. He was descended from the Casa Savoia, a great noble family started in A.D. 1003.


After passing away in 1878, King Victor Emmanuel received a burial in the Pantheon. "Father of the Fatherland," or Padre della Patria, is written on his tomb. It is a mystery that he was granted permission to be interred here. After Emmanuel captured Rome, Pope Pius IX refused to meet with him and never recognized his rule. Then he gave permission for him to be interred within the Catholic Pantheon, which puzzles many historians. 

Tomb of Raphael

The rear left side of the Pantheon occupies Raphael's tomb situated under the statues of Mary Virgin holding baby Jesus craved by an artist, Lorenzetto. ILLE HIC EST RAFFAEL, TIMUIT QUO SOSPITE VINCI, RERUM MAGNA PARENS ET MORIENTE MORI is the inscription on his tomb. "Living, great nature feared he might outlive Her works; and, dying, fears herself may die," is how Alexander Pope translated it.


Along with these two, the Pantheon is the burial place of several kings and artists of ancient Rome depicting their importance and contributions in the history of Rome. the Pantheon audio guide is the answer to all the historical queries that arise at the Pantheon.

Audio Guide of the Pantheon


Take an in-depth look at the myths and legends surrounding the Pantheon with the Pantheon audio guide, learning about the intriguing past of its enigmatic Oculus and the notable Tombs that are kept within. Learn about the mysteries of the Archaeoastronomical Story that the Pantheon's Dome weaves. Explore its hallowed interior and walk on the same floor that endured innumerable hearts wandering through the halls of time.


Unravel the hidden gems of the Pantheon and a magnificent interior as well as exterior to make your trip memorable for upcoming years to tell tales of the Pantheon.


The 2000-year-old city of Rome is waiting to be explored and the historical landmarks of absolute beauty and grandeur are worth nothing if you don’t witness them in this world. Invoke the tourist in you and get consumed by the wanderlust. Visit the Pantheon and get a chance to peek into the ancient Roman heritage and culture, and explore art and music with nearby places of the Pantheon with audio guides of the VoxCity.   


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