How to Make the Most of Your Pantheon Visit with Our Audio Tour
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How to Make the Most of Your Pantheon Visit with Our Audio Tour

When in Rome take a Pantheon Audio Guide Tour

Experience the Pantheon while indulging in traditional Italian pizzas and pasta. VoxCity's Pantheon audio tour will provide you with a thorough explanation of the historical events that occurred there as well as the Pantheon's purpose. Immerse yourself in the history of the centuries of Rome and the enormous landmarks that comprise it. Get your Pantheon audio guide to unravel the mysteries and hidden gems of Rome’s oldest yet most visited spot, the Pantheon.


Feel the enigmatic Pantheon, where Rome's ancient history brings itself to life, with skip-the-line access. Take your time exploring the famous spot while using an audio guide. The majesty of the Pantheon's enormous dome will stun you, as will its remarkable oculus, from where the shimmering shimmer of sunshine soaks the gorgeous inner sanctuary. Roam at your own pace through the fascinating Roman Temple, a sacred place devoted to the worship of various deities. 

Popularity of the Pantheon 


Brace yourselves to dive deep into the enchanting landmark in the eternal city of Rome and dig deeper into the history of the Pantheon. A 2,000-year-old work of art in the Everlasting City, soaring above the soil of Rome, the Pantheon takes you back to the age of ancient Rome; hence, it's more than just a structure. 


Every year, millions consumed by wanderlust visit the Pantheon, a spectacular Roman landmark with a couple of slender lanes leading to it. Outside the Pantheon, the Piazza della Rotonda is a vibrant square with cafes, pubs, and restaurants. Live bands frequently perform for the locals as well as the tourists for a mesmerizing day at the historic spot. The Pantheon is celebrated for its baroque style of architecture and the invaluable treasure that’s inside. The 142-meter-tall and wide monuments are filled with statues, paintings, mosaics, tombs, and chapels. Its magnificent dome is the first and foremost thing for a tourist to gaze up to, with an oculus of 8.8 diameter that is the only source of natural light for the Pantheon. 


One is overwhelmed by the lavishness as soon as you look around. The Pantheon has enormous burial chambers carved into its walls; it is the burial spot of kings, artists, and popes. Along with that, its altars have been used for weddings and baptism ceremonies since it was converted into a church in 609 AD.


On the Pantheon audio tour, don’t miss out on learning about the valuable contents of the Pantheon, including the altars, chapels, paintings, and tombs. 

Altars of the Pantheon


There are four altars in the pantheon, one dedicated to Mary and three to the apostles.

The first is the main altar, dedicated to Mary; the core of attention is the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, which is situated in the center of the main altar. The Scriptural scene known as "The Assumption of the Virgin Mary" illustrates saints carrying the Virgin Mary to the Garden of Eden.


The second is the altar of the Holy Spirit. The holy spirit altar, located to the right of the main altar, is made of marble and decorated with the holy spirit descending on the apostle, who is placed in the center of the altar.


The third is the altar of St. Peter. It is located to the left of the main altar. The marble altar is emphasized by a sculpture demonstrating St. Peter being executed upside down.


The fourth is the St. Paul altar. In honor of St. Paul, this altar occupies a spot at the back of the Pantheon. A carved marble monument depicting the apostle being executed graces the altar.

Paintings of the Pantheon

One of the treasures of the Pantheon includes the paintings. Just like other Catholic churches in Rome, the Pantheon is also a home for impressive works of art. 


One of the paintings on the right, close to the entrance of the Pantheon, is The Madonna of the Girdle and St. Nicholas of Bari, painted in 1686, and on the left is The Assumption by Andrea Camasse in 1638.


The Pantheon is full of artistic wonders, including sculptures, paintings, marble work, and several attention-grabbing objects to admire. Get commentary on all noteworthy works of art on your Pantheon audio tour.

How Long Does it Take to See the Entire Pantheon?


As vast as the pantheon is, it takes not more than 20 minutes for an average tourist to visit it; however, it varies from tourist to tourist; some get over the pantheon within five minutes, and some take hours to witness its magnificent beauty and art masterpieces. Millions of tourists around the globe visit the Pantheon; therefore, it is one of the busiest places in Rome, to experience its grandeur fully, avail of Vox City’s Pantheon skip-the-line entry ticket and the audio tour to explore it at your own pace and get the best value. 

Audio Guides at the Pantheon

To get a ten-on-ten experience of the Pantheon, you can always go for the audio guides for an enhanced adventure of the landmark. Audio guides are available at the reception desk of the Pantheon in exchange for money; however, save some euros and get a two-in-one package of the Pantheon’s skip-the-line entry ticket and an audio guide for a memorable experience. The multilingual option of our audio guide helps a tourist fill the communication gap and fully understand the commentary on the site.


In Rome, visiting the Pantheon is an unforgettable adventure that cannot be explained in words. discloses the splendors of an ancient wonder that has stood up to the scrutiny of time and encourages you to witness its beauty like never before. Get ready to be captivated as history comes alive and the Pantheon of Rome tells its eternal story in all of its stunning glory.


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