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Madrid: Prado Museum Self Guided Audio Tour

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Discover Prado Museum's self-guided audio tour. Embark on a captivating journey with the Vox City’s Prado Museum audio guide. This immersive Prado Museum tour will take you on a trip through time, introducing you to the masterpieces of some of the world's most celebrated artists. With the Prado Museum audio tour, you can explore the museum's vast collection of art and learn about the fascinating stories behind each piece at your own pace.

Our tour allows you to explore and learn about the world’s single-largest collection of Spanish art. Museo del Prado, also known as Prado Museum, has welcomed thousands of iconic masterpieces since it opened its doors in 1819. Today, it welcomes millions of visitors every year who come here to admire its astonishing collection of over 7,000 paintings by famous Spanish artists.

The entrance ticket to the Prado Museum tour is not included and needs to be purchased separately.

With this app-based self-guided audio tour you will enjoy unlimited independent sightseeing of the Prado Museum. There's no need to meet up with a member of staff, simply download our App and start your experience straight away anywhere. Please note this is not the audio guide offered on the premises.

This self-guided audio tour is subject to the opening days and hours of the Prado Museum. The entrance ticket needs to be purchased separately

Top Sights Includes:

    • •Albrecht Durer Painting
    • •Prado Sculpture
    • •Francisco Goya & More

Discover the masterpieces of this venue, including:

⚬ Albrecht Durer Painting 
⚬ Prado Sculpture 
⚬ Francisco Goya 
⚬ Pieter Bruegel
⚬ The Descent from the Cross

What you get: 
✔️ Unlimited access to all self-guided features
✔️ Unlimited use for the duration of your stay 
✔️ Multilingual audio commentary in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish

What you don’t get:
✖️ Mobile Device
✖️ Headphones
✖️ Entry to Prado Museum
✖️ Public Transportation Tickets

⚬ This tour includes multilingual audio commentary, available in English, German, French, Italian and Spanish
⚬ This tour requires you to use your own mobile device and headphones at all times; further download instructions can be found on your voucher
⚬ Please note, this product is non-refundable and non-amendable, however you may redeem it at a time that suits you best

What is a self-guided tour?

A self-guided tour is a type of tour where visitors explore a destination on their own using an audio guide or a map. Unlike a guided tour, visitors are not led by a tour guide and are free to choose their own pace and explore the sights that interest them the most. Self-guided tours offer more flexibility and freedom to visitors. They are a popular option for those who prefer to explore a destination independently. 

Is a Walking Tour suitable for all ages?

The walking tour is suitable for all ages, but keep in mind that it involves a fair amount of walking and standing, so participants should be able to walk for at least 2.5 hours. Additionally, wearing comfortable walking shoes and bringing a water bottle can help ensure that you're comfortable throughout the tour

What is a Multilingual Audio tour?

A multilingual audio tour is a type of tour that provides visitors with audio guides in multiple languages. Visitors can use headphones to listen to the audio guide as they explore a destination, with the audio guide providing information about the sights, history, and culture of the area. The audio guides are typically pre-recorded and offer visitors the option to choose their preferred language.

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