Is Self-guided the future of tourism?
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Self-Guided tour

Is Self-guided the future of tourism?

The doors to the outside world are gradually opening again, and we can finally get some fresh air. Daily, more and more people, especially those who have been cooped up indoors for a while, have a hankering to get out into the fresh air and seek some sort of genuine experience. Self-guided tours are a more laid-back and individualistic alternative to the conventional touristic tours, where visitors go to a new destination and have a guide show them around the highlights.

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What is a self-guided tour?

Without the assistance of a tour guide, you can enjoy the freedom of a self-guided tour, which allows you to discover new neighborhoods or landmarks at your own pace. A self-guided trip can be a memorable experience for one individual or a large group. Self-guided tours can now be as engaging and individual as ever thanks to the abundance of companies and tourist sites offering comprehensive maps, directions, suggestions, information, and sights to behold.

What’s the difference between a guided and a self-guided tour? 

When going on a guided tour, everything you do and see is predetermined by the itinerary that your guide has created. Self-guided tours, on the other hand, provide visitors more freedom to do as they like and move at their own leisure.

This allows you to deviate off the trail and explore the area around you, such as following a river to its origin. Your level of adventure (and energy level) determines how far you go. Self-guided vacations are ideal if you want to see the world but don't want to be pampered the whole time.

Self-guided tours….. The new future

The brave traveler who values independent exploration and genuine encounters can choose from a vast array of destinations. These range from simple strolls in the sun to challenging expeditions through the frozen tundra, each requiring a different level of fortitude and preparedness. Avoid more difficult trails until you gain experience, especially if you're a first-time tourist or one who isn't in your own country. There's nothing wrong with working your way up to the more difficult problems after you've mastered the easier ones.

Vox City Guide

If you're interested in planning your next vacation independently, consider the following suggestions.


Walking routes

There could be walking paths closer than you think! Actually, a local can use their own city's interesting neighborhoods as a walking path for a self-guided tour. Beginners who want to escape the bright lights of the city for a day of adventure would be well served to familiarize themselves with the local trails. You wouldn't believe how many natural marvels are within a day's drive of most cities.

To argue that walking paths are ideal for everyone would be an overstatement. Those who wish to do so can take a leisurely stroll down the riverbank during a leisurely day. It's a place where senior citizens can relax and listen to birdsong at their own pace. The route itself is a great area for a large group of families to get together, since there will be plenty of space for the kids to run around and the parents to socialize.


Benefits of self-guided tours

Go where you wish

During a self-guided tour, you can skip any sites that don't interest you. Select only the places that truly interest you in order to maximize your time. The choice of which difficulties you desire to face is entirely up to you; no mountain is too steep and no valley is too low. If the route you're hiking through is equipped with Vox City technology, you won't have to worry about getting lost. There is no better way to have a genuine trip experience than with the help of an audio commentary from Vox City App.

Take advantage of Vox City's self-guided audio tour at your own pace to learn more about the area's rich cultural history. Our Footsteps guided tour, also available from Vox City, might help you decide where to go if you're having trouble narrowing down your options.

Take all the time you want

To illustrate, picture yourself climbing a mountain to get the perfect view of the valley below as rays of sunshine burst through the clouds, only to have to turn away 5 minutes later because the tour group is leaving.

Athens: Vox City app to Explore the City

By taking advantage of Vox City's self-guided tours, visitors can explore the city at their own speed. Be your own guide and don't let someone rush you through it; you deserve to stop and smell the roses when the time is right.

It’s safe for your health

As the coronavirus epidemic continues to have an impact on our daily lives, it is prudent to seek out alone or small group pursuits. Taking a self-guided tour is a great option for those who want to get out and have fun without having to interact with others.

Even if you're not worried about a pandemic, you should still take advantage of the health benefits of walking. Walking along a trail not only counts as excellent exercise, but it also helps strengthen the immune system and lifts your mood.

Easier on the pockets

Avoid spending money on a guide. To have everything organized before leaving the house, pick a self-guided excursion from Vox City and make the necessary plans. It is possible to avoid being a victim of tourist traps if you act as your own tour guide. The best way to find out where to eat truly local cuisine is to mingle with the locals.

Sense of accomplishment

A guided tour will be similar to looking at an exhibit from the outside, while a self-guided tour will make you feel like you're entering the artwork and having your own personal adventure. Your sense of fulfillment will grow with each obstacle you overcome. It's hard to top the feeling of accomplishment that comes from putting in effort toward a worthy cause and then watching it all come together successfully. It's possible to go from studying a map to reaching the peak of a mountain using only your own personal determination and stamina on a self-guided excursion.

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