Do you know what happens to the coin people throw in the trevi fountain?
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Do you know what happens to the coin people throw in the trevi fountain?

As we embark on a voyage into the core of Rome get ready to be fascinated on the trevi fountain tour to boost your overall Rome sightseeing experience. Amidst the celebrated Trevi Fountain, history and contemporary culture coalesce seamlessly. This expedition exposes narratives intertwined within this legendary structure that serves as homage to centuries of imperial splendour in Roman civilization.

Throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain is a popular tradition in Rome, attracting thousands of visitors daily. This tradition got its popularity from the movie "Three Coins in the Fountain” but existed long before the movie became famous. The great part is all the money collected from the fountain goes to a Catholic charity called Caritas Roma, which distributes the money to the underprivileged in Rome. This tradition of throwing coins into the Trevi Fountain comes from an ancient Roman practice. Back then, people tossed coins into rivers or oceans, hoping to please the gods controlling those waters for safe travel.

Historical tales come to life through the mesmerizing display of sculptures and shimmering waters at Rome's Trevi Fountain. It is a magnificent monument that tells captivating stories from the city's past, beyond its stunning visual appeal alone.

Architect Nicola Salvi's skilled hands crafted a masterpiece that embodies the very essence of Rome - the Trevi Fountain. Constructed in the 18th century, this Baroque fountain is one of Italy’s largest and most beloved tourist attractions. It is estimated that over 20 million visitors flock to Rome annually with many making sure not to miss out on visiting this iconic landmark where they can toss their coins into its waters with hopes of returning again.

As dusk descends, the enchanted fountain sparkles with ethereal radiance amidst the tranquil twilight. A sustainable measure is implemented to safeguard its enchantment and enable visitors to relish in its nocturnal charm. However, beyond being a stationary attraction, the Trevi Fountain boasts an animated realm that plays host to cultural festivities and modern artwork that enliven both space and spirit alike.

A Journey to Remember

Uncover the elusive stories that invigorate the stony characters - tales of rivalry, myths, and creative interpretations influenced by this magical fountain. Be awestruck by its perpetual magnificence.

To preserve the fountain as a timeless marvel, skilled artisans are utilizing ancient techniques in restoration efforts to maintain every intricate detail on the trevi fountain tour. 

Engage in an adventure that uncovers the mysteries of fountain restoration. This immersive experience goes deeper than surface-level sightseeing, encouraging you to form a profound connection with the Trevi Fountain beyond what is expected from traditional tourism.

As the eternal city, Rome boasts a treasure trove of cultural and historical wonders. Among these iconic landmarks lies one that uniquely captures tourists' hearts: The majestic Trevi Fountain. Unfortunately, with an increase in Rome sightseeing specifically at this site comes concerns regarding sustainability. Will the cherished tourist attraction endure such pressures from mass tourism while maintaining its crucial significance to history and culture? A big yes!

History of the Trevi Fountain

It is essential to first acknowledge the historical and cultural value of the Trevi Fountain before exploring its sustainability. Crafted by Italian architect Nicola Salvi during the 18th century, this fountain embodies a spectacular display of Baroque artistry, featuring Neptune - god of the sea – positioned in an imposing central niche adorned with allegorical figures and mythical creatures.

The mystique of Rome's tradition of throwing coins into the fountain, believed to guarantee a return to the city, has only heightened its appeal. Nevertheless, as more tourists flock to take in all that this historic destination has to offer, maintaining and safeguarding this cultural treasure poses fresh obstacles.

Rome Sightseeing 

Rome's tourism industry has seen a significant increase in recent years, largely attributed to the city's profound history, breathtaking art pieces and intricate architecture. Rome City tours commonly entail mandatory visits to landmarks such as the Trevi Fountain which greatly aids in boosting the economy of Italy’s capital city. However, this surge in visitors raises concerns about preserving its heritage sites - particularly with regards to sustaining one architectural beauty like that of The Trevi fountain. Moreover, besides visiting it above ground level, Vox City provides an underground Trevi Fountain ticket which allows them a more comprehensive exploration of what The Trevi Fountain holds. Rome being the hub of architectural marvels visiting it should be at the top of your bucket list and Rome self-guided audio tour enhances your Rome sightseeing experience and makes it one of a kind. 

Safeguarding Trevi Fountain

The fountain's structural integrity is compromised by the vast number of visitors who touch, climb on, and throw objects into it. This accelerates wear and tear, presenting a significant threat to its preservation.

Despite ongoing efforts to use original materials and prevent erosion, the challenge of maintaining Rome's Trevi Fountain persists. The fountain is oriented towards a relatively small square that attracts large crowds of tourists daily. This overcrowding has resulted in damaging effects such as deterioration due to people sitting on it for photos. As a solution, the municipality of Rome has proposed an idea to enhance control over entry into Piazza diTrevi which will be discussed at Campidoglio, city hall, soon.

the Piazza. To maintain safety, a protective enclosure must be erected around the fountain to discourage tourists from sitting or jumping in the water. This rule has often been ignored despite an existing prohibition. Furthermore, there will be a cap on how many people can enter the Piazza at once and this limit will be enforced by one or two officers stationed at each of its five entrances. The place is known as the Piazza.

Why Visit the Trevi Fountain

Visiting the Trevi Fountain is one of Rome's top sightseeing experiences. Many tourists flock to this iconic destination to participate in a traditional coin toss, which holds several promises for its visitors. Tossing a coin into the fountain supposedly guarantees another return trip to the Eternal City; throwing a second coin will lead you down the path toward finding true love, and casting your third coin ensures success in marriage. Hence, aside from appreciating its timeless charm and significant past, there are additional reasons why Trevi Fountain remains an alluring attraction for many travellers worldwide.

Throw a coin into the Trevi Fountain

Without tossing a coin over your shoulder into its waters, as tradition holds that doing so will ensure you return to Rome someday. The Trevi Fountain, built in 19 BC and the first of its kind during the Renaissance era, has become synonymous with Rome. Tossing a coin into its waters is considered a must-do for visitors as it's said to guarantee their return to this beautiful city.

Make a wish; the legend is real. Whether you believe in its power or not, visiting this famous attraction should be on your Rome bucket list. Throwing two coins into Rome's fountain of wishes is considered essential while in the city and there are tales that suggest it can change one's life forever. Many have claimed to experience remarkable transformation after making their desire known with nothing more than a coin toss. Regardless of whether you're Sceptical about such stories, we recommend adding Trevi Fountain to your must-see sights when travelling through Italy’s ancient capital.

You may discover yourself infatuated with a gorgeous Italian. Adding three can lead you to wed someone.

With a ticket from Vox City, access to the underground Trevi Fountain - one of Rome's top attractions - creates an even more fascinating visit.

The Trevi Fountain has been a favourite destination for tourists in Rome throughout the centuries, yet only a limited number of individuals are aware of the undisclosed tunnels positioned under it.


When visiting Rome, the Trevi Fountain tour is an absolute and must-see monument for any tourist. Admire its incredible architecture and towering statue of Neptune with his winged horses - it's no wonder this fountain has become world-renowned! Located in central Rome on Piazza di Trevi, the Fontana di Trevi marks a convergence point for three different routes. As you explore this iconic site further, prepare to delve into the fascinating history that lies beneath it - truly awe-inspiring stuff. To make your experience as easy and stress-free as possible, with Rome's self-guided audio tours.

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