What Makes Trevi District's Underground Entry Ticket a Must-See Attraction in Rome?
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What Makes Trevi District's Underground Entry Ticket a Must-See Attraction in Rome?

Some intriguing corners in a city like Rome are often missed. It turns out that one of those semi-secret locations has been concealed beneath the Trevi Fountain, just in front of millions of tourists.

The Trevi Fountain has been a popular tourist destination in the city for decades, but not many people are aware of its underground passageways. Known as the Vicus Caprarius, the location has a labyrinth of tunnels, displays of discovered relics, and the remnants of a Roman mansion. Vicus Caprarius, frequently referred to as the City of Water, is a historic Roman residence located under the city's Trevi district, along with the city's famous fountain. The archeological site was uncovered in the late 1990s and dates back to the first century.

Visitors may now visit the underground site to see the dwellings of ancient wealthy individuals of Rome. The exhibit also includes hundreds of objects discovered during excavation, including terra-cotta figures, African pottery, mosaic tiles, and more than 800 coins. While exploring with your Trevi District Underground Entry Ticket, you may listen to an audio guide that details the intriguing history of the underworld of the trevi district of Rome. 

Trevi District Underground Entry Tickets for this archeological site are available to quench your curiosity and observe a glimpse into ancient Rome and its lifestyle with the hidden treasures sitting beneath the renowned Trevi Fountain. 


A Hidden Gem of Rome

The river that runs through this hidden gem, however, is what makes it so unique. Visitors at Vicus Caprarius will encounter ponds that are still filled with water, courtesy of the Aqua Virgo, one of ancient Rome's 11 aqueducts. This river also flows into the Trevi Fountain, therefore the water in Vicus Caprarius will ultimately find its way to the fountain for tourists to witness its magic. it is also a very common practice to toss coins in the famous Trevi Fountain for good luck and hope to visit Rome again. 

The Trevi District Underground Ticket allows you to discover the hidden gems of Rome's Trevi District. This special ticket grants you direct access to all the attractions of this ancient area, providing you with an unforgettable and immersive visit along with an audio tour for an enhanced trip. 

As you make your way down the underground maze, you'll come across intriguing archeological sites that provide insight into Rome's fascinating past. Admire the well-preserved ruins of old structures like residences, stores, and even a marketplace. Consider how life was for the ancient Romans who formerly strolled these streets. 

Top-Notch Rome Sightseeing Adventure

Rome is the city of love, a city of magic, and the heart of architectural marvels, enhance your Rome sightseeing with the trevi district's underground treasures and secrets. If you enjoy treasure hunts, then Rome Trevi District Underground tour is for you. Forget about the crowd that flings coins over their shoulders in the Trevi Fountain. This trip brings you to a secret treasure that most visitors are unaware of. You'll wander through dimly lit corridors, hear about the intricate wonders that keep Rome standing tall and in all its glory, and perhaps come across some old treasure troves.

What to Witness Under Trevi District?

An era-old compound with a captivating past awaits visitors nine meters underneath the hustle and bustle of Rome's Trevi District. 

Witness the Roman Domus, a Roman mansion commonly occupied by the empire's elite echelons throughout the periods of the Republican and Imperial eras. You will also witness the Aqua Virgo's Castellum Aquae, a Roman water distributor, one of 11 aqueducts that delivered water to ancient Rome and still feed water to the Trevi Fountain today. 

Admiring these preserved structures will reveal a lot about the city's past. Your journey back in time will provide you with knowledge of some of the most significant events in ancient Rome's history, from the discovery of the Aqua Virgo to the Great Fire of Rome. There are other relic collections on display, including the famed Alexander Helios figurine. explore more with the VoxCity audio guide available for the Trevi District Underground along with the entry ticket. 

What to Expect From Trevi District Underground Entry Ticket?

With the Trevi District Underground Entry Ticket, visitors can explore the historic hidden antiquities that lay under Rome's vibrant avenues. Fall back in time as you delve into the city's depths to unravel the mysteries of the past. Admire the complex system of tunnels passageways chambers, and extracts that have been preserved for the upcoming generations. The 30-minute audio-guided tour that is included with the ticket is one of the features of the Trevi District Underground. Explore this secret realm to learn about ancient Roman everyday life, customs, and traditions.

The top sights that are included in this are Trevi District, Vicus Caprarius, Roman villa, and other ancient monuments of the eternal city of Rome. 


Why do People Visit the Trevi Fountain?

One of the best experiences of Rome sightseeing is a visit to the Trevi Fountain. A traditional coin toss is a popular cause for tourists to visit the Trevi Fountain. It is said that throwing a coin into the Trevi Fountain guarantees another trip to the Eternal City.  second coin claims to help you find love. And the third is meant to guarantee a successful marriage. So, there’s more to Trevi Fountain than just visiting it for its eternal beauty and rich history. 


Trevi Fountain will enhance your tourist experience in Rome. The world's most renowned fountain, with its great extravagant architecture and its towering statue of Neptune, the god of the sea, with his horses with wings, is located in the middle of Rome on Piazzi di Trevi. Trevi Fountain, or Fontana di Trevi, is the meeting place of three routes. Along with that unravel the rich history resting beneath it for you to witness and be in awe for as long as you are there, and for a hustle-free experience avail the VoxCity’s Trevi District Underground Entry Ticket with an audio-guided tour. 

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