Best Travel Guide Liverpool City 2022
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Best Travel Guide Liverpool City 2022

Under the beautiful suburban sky, Liverpool is a place where ferries cross the Mersey and no one ever walks alone. Because of its rich history and distinct local dialect, Liverpool is one of the United Kingdom's most fascinating and distinctive urban regions. This wonderful city is known around the globe for its association with both football and The Beatles. Prepare yourself for a heavy dose of culture, history, and good old fun if you want to visit Liverpool. This "Capital of Culture" is perfect for any type of vacation, whether you're taking the kids, a friend, or your significant other.

Liverpool is well-known for several things; some you may be familiar with (have you ever heard of a band named The Beatles?), while others may be completely foreign to you. Not to mention the city's two spectacular cathedrals, the historically significant Albert Dock, and the Tate art gallery. But you might not know that Liverpool has more historic structures on the National Register than almost any other city in the world. This stunning setting can be directly attributed to the city's extensive architectural history. When you consider that Liverpool boasts more museums and art galleries per capita than any other city in the United Kingdom (except for London), you can see why it deserves its reputation as a global metropolis. When you factor in the city's excellent theatres, lively nightlife, and outstanding dining options, as well as the fact that The Wirral, home to the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight, is just a short Mersey Ferry trip away, the only real question concerning a visit to this city is how long you can stay.

Here are the top things to do right now in Liverpool.

Explore “The Beatles” Backstory

The enduring popularity of the Beatles through multiple generations makes them one of Liverpool's most valuable cultural exports. Read on to find out how four lads from Liverpool rose from obscurity to form one of the most iconic groups in history. Here you can find exact copies of popular attractions like the ones in the Casbah, Matthew Street, and The Cavern. Additionally, you'll be able to see John, Paul, George, and Ringo's actual clothes and guitars! This is one of the top things to do in the heart of Liverpool, packed with historical artefacts, entertaining anecdotes, and unique opportunities for personal growth.

The Beatles Story

Photograph: Philip Brookes /

Enjoy a multi-media audio guide from Vox City, wonderfully voiced by Julia Baird as you explore the interesting real items, such as John Lennon's glasses and Ringo Starr's drum kit. This ticket grants admission to "The Beatles," as well as all other exhibitions there, and a multimedia guide in 12 languages.

Explore Tate Liverpool and End up losing yourself

Discover the secrets of one of the most popular art museums in the world. Tate Liverpool is the northern hub for modern and contemporary art, and a trip there leaves an indelible impression. Since it's free to get in (though some exhibits may cost extra), this museum should be at the top of any budget traveler's itinerary for Liverpool.

Explore the modern art at Tate Modern Art Gallery in Liverpool.

It is also one of the best places to see art in Liverpool, with pieces by Picasso and Andy Warhol among others from all around the world. The Tate Liverpool hosts numerous interesting events, presentations, and workshops that you should attend if you're looking for ways to become involved.

Attend One of Liverpool's Festivals

Liverpool is often cited as one of Europe's primary cultural centers. As a result, it's not unexpected that the city regularly plays host to a wide variety of celebrations. Visit Sound City to check out Liverpool's burgeoning youth music and theatre scene. You'll also be able to go to some of the biggest film, music, and digital art festivals in the UK! The LIMF (Liverpool International Music Festival) and the Liverpool-Irish Festival are not to be missed if you happen to be in town at the correct time. One of the finest ways to immerse yourself in Liverpool's culture and appreciate British music is to attend one of these festivals.

You can save 10% on your ticket to the British Music Experience and two walking tours of Liverpool when you buy it via Vox City. Simply locate your local tour guide with the Vox City app, and you can start exploring countless tourist destinations including Royal Albert Dock, The Beatles StoryAnfield, and Strawberry Field. Listen to your guide's insightful commentary as you learn about the wonderful history of Liverpool. Your pass grants you access to all walking tours, and you are free to join or leave at your convenience.

Join one of Liverpoool's International Music Festival.

Photo: LIMFestival (WikiCommons)

Get off the walking tour whenever you're ready and enter the British Music Experience with your admission ticket. The museum celebrates British music and houses over 600 artefacts in the historic Cunard Building. Whether your musical taste runs to the Beatles or the Rolling Stones or even Adele or David Bowie, you won't want to miss this museum. Discover hologram performances and interactive zones, as well as artefacts, clothing, instruments, and footage. After this once-in-a-lifetime experience, you can use the mobile-app to locate the nearest tour guide or explore at your own pace. This is the best possible way to explore Liverpool!

British Music Experience

Vox City's British Music Experience tour lets you see more than 600 artefacts showcasing the country's finest musical exports. We guarantee you will have the fun of your life if you enjoy British Rock and Pop music. When you enter this fantastic attraction located in Liverpool's famous Cunard building, you'll find a wide variety of items, including videos, souvenirs, clothing, instruments, and more. Actual things worn or utilized by such legendary British artists as the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, the Spice Girls, Freddie Mercury, and Adele are on sale here.

There is a wealth of ephemera to peruse, as well as holographic shows, exhibitions, and play areas. Participate by learning to play popular songs on a variety of instruments and then belting out the lyrics in the voice booth. Don't forget to stop by the cafe for some food and the gift shop for some rock 'n' roll memorabilia before you go!

Visit Anfield Football Stadium in-depth and behind-the-scenes

Liverpool FC plays their home games at the legendary Anfield. Liverpool FC, being one of the most famous soccer teams in the world, deserves a historic stadium on par with its fame, and Anfield fits the bill. It has witnessed tragedy, heartache, and celebration.

Explore the football club stadium and museum in Liverpool.

Experience what hundreds of thousands of other fans have felt at the famed "Kop" stand and in the museum's interactive exhibits. It is possible to take a tour of the stadium that includes a trip out onto the field. Visit the locker rooms, dugouts, and trophy case of the illustrious Liverpool Football Club!

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