Discover the Magical Christmas Market of Piazza Navona Rome.
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Discover the Magical Christmas Market of Piazza Navona Rome.

From the start of December, the historic Piazza Navona Square becomes the go-to spot for citizens to go out and shop as well as for festivities. In reality, this area is crammed with vendors offering ornaments for trees, miniatures depicting the Nativity, and a great deal more. The celebration, often referred to as the Festa della Befana or Mercatino della Befana, is a common addition to Rome's Christmas schedule. Toys, candies, Lazio-regional food, literature, goods made of leather, pottery, holiday decorations, and a variety of souvenirs are all sold at the stalls.


A trip to Rome this festive season with VoxCity’s Piazza Navona audio tour and witnessing the holiday season in Rome's well-known Christmas market is never a bad idea. The Christmas market will be back in Piazza Navona from December to January 6, 2024.


Enhance your Rome sightseeing experience with this Christmas festival where you're free to pause and take in the vintage carnival. Annually this festive season, Piazza Navona, a popular tourist destination, twinkles at nighttime. It hosts one of Italy's largest Christmas markets, which is crowded with both residents and visitors. To participate in the Christmas celebrations, people come to this market from every corner of Rome and beyond. Be a part of these magical nights of Rome with the Piazza Navona audio tour for an everlasting experience of Rome city tour and a memory of a lifetime. Through the daytime, this yearly market serves as the center of activity, and at night, it is entirely transformed. Mostly on weekends, it is up from 10 AM until the early hours of the morning.


History of the Piazza Navona 



Piazza Navona's origin traces as far back as the first century AD, during the era of Emperor Domitian the Great. It appears more like an outdoor arena where ancient Roman people gathered to watch sports or agones. As a result, the Piazza Navona is occasionally referred to as Circus Agonalis. The evidence of its distinguished past may be seen at the end of the Piazza Navona close to Via Coronary. But by the end of the fifteenth century, the location was devoted to the Campidoglio local market and had outstanding displays of Baroque architecture. Pope Innocent X deserves all the credit for his Baroque aspirations. The lovely surroundings you can enjoy today are entirely his creation. The grand Pamphili ancestral palace faces the Piazza Navona and is an attraction worth seeing.


The Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi and the Sant' Agnese Church in Agone are the two notable buildings that are situated in the middle. Master sculptor Bernini created the first sculpture, while famed artist Francesco Borromini sculpted the second. The Fontana del Moro at the southern end and the Fountain of Neptune at the northern end are the two further fountains. discover Rome's vitality, with the Piazza Navona audio tour of the site that plays as a  home to several important events throughout this period.


Things to witness at the Piazza Navona 


Very few individuals are aware that the ancient Romans lived in Piazza Navona Square and that several of their relics have survived to this day. This magnificent location has seen uncountable works of art over generations that are still evident. You may schedule a stop in Navona Square on your Rome city tour to ensure you don't miss even a single highlight, like the magnificent Fountain of Four Rivers and Domitian Stadium that makes your Rome sightseeing experience an absolute 10-on-10 adventure. 


Other than the architectural marvel the thing that you can witness at the Christmas market of the Piazza Navona is the Baffana the Christmas witch. 


Even though there are several Santa Claus sculptures scattered across the Piazza Navona, the main attraction of the whole market is an ancient witch on a wooden broom. Legend has it that on Christmas Eve, Bafana visits the Italian children and, according to how nice or naughty they are, stuffs the socks with goodies or a lump of coal. According to the Roman myth, this elderly witch is reported to get inside the house through the chimney. She is therefore always coated with ashes. Bafana is revered as a national symbol in some regions of Italy even today, and this Piazza Navona Christmas Market honors her memory.  


the Christmas festivities come to an end on January 6th, the final day of festivities at Piazza Navona. All you require to have the Befana stuff in your Christmas stockings is right here: the most popular items for tasting are the sweets, along with hot chestnuts.


Christmas like never before



The eternal city of Rome is lovely during Christmastime, and the city center is home to some amazing illumination unraveling the magic with the 


Piazza Navona Christmas market is a common sight in Rome during the Christmas season. One of the most theatrical Christmas markets in the entire world is located in the Eternal City, it's situated in one of the most intriguing squares in the world, which is even more spellbound during the holiday season.


Be part of the magic created at the Piazza Navona square in the holiday season with a carousel, fun activities, pictures with Bafana, and of course Santa Claus along with the monumental beauty of Rome covered with Christmas lights at night with the magical holiday spirit, an absolute delight for eyes. 




For an outstanding trip pair your visit to the Christmas market with one of the trattorias (Italian restaurants) to enjoy not just the ambiance but the cuisine as well at night when the market at the Piazza Navona is bustling with tourists as well as locals after the sunset. And indulge yourself in the fun activities surrounded by the brightness of sparkling lights at its peak. The deeply ingrained Italian Christmas customs in Piazza Navona appear to be exceptional from those seen elsewhere worldwide.


Utilize the Piazza Navona audio tour to admire the fountains, get one-of-a-kind souvenirs, and capture amazing photographs. Indeed, it's a wonderful spot to get gelato and have an amazing light-filled night in the heart of Rome. 


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