Yes Milano City Pass | All Inclusive

Yes Milano City Pass | All Inclusive

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Discover the beauty of Milano with our exclusive Milan digital passes all inclusive. Unlock access to top attractions, public transportation, self-guided tours and much more.

Step into the lively metropolis of Milan, and visit Milan top attractions, where the rich tapestry of history, culture, and modernity weaves together to form a unique and immersive experience. Immerse yourself completely in your visit with the official YesMilanoPass, thoughtfully designed to offer you a comprehensive and user-friendly way to fully embrace everything that Milan has in store for you.

All Inclusive Entry: Effortlessly unlock access to Milan's major attractions, museums, and monuments with a single pass. Seamlessly use the Milan city Pass to secure priority entrance tickets for iconic landmarks like the Duomo, the Modern Art Gallery, and many other renowned sites!

Public transportation: Yes Milano City Pass ensures unlimited access to Milan's efficient and extensive public transportation network, including buses, and the metro.

Digital Pass: Download Yes Milano City Pass directly to your mobile phone and start your adventure without delays.

Flexible 3-day duration: Organize your trip according to your schedule with the convenient option of a 3-day pass. Whether you're visiting for a long weekend or a short city break.

Top Sights Includes:

    • • Duomo Cathedral & Rooftop with stairs
    • • Sforza Castle Museum
    • • Modern Art Gallery & More

Please note that this pass is 100% digital, therefore there is no meeting point.

Duomo Cathedral and Rooftop with stairs
Sforza Castle Museum
Modern Art Gallery
Villa Necchi Campiglio

What you get: 

3 Days Public Transport Ticket
Duomo Cathedral and Rooftop with stairs
Sforza Castle Museum
Civic Aquarium
Modern Art Gallery
Archeological Museum
Museo del Novecento
Natural History Museum
National Museum of Science and Technology Leonardo da Vinci
Museo Teatrale alla Scala
Bagatti Valsecchi Museum
Ambrosiana Art Gallery and the Crypt of San Sepolcro
Poldi Pezzoli Museum
Villa Necchi Campiglio

What you don’t get:

Food and Drinks
Private Transfer
Guided service
Headphone set

Important details to understand before starting your tour:

The subscription must be used within 3 consecutive calendar days
Single entry only, repeat visits to attractions or activities are not permitted.
Attractions and activities are subject to change due to special events

Please note: Cancellations are accepted until the pass is activated

How do I activate the Pass?

If you’ve made an online purchase, here’s how to activate your pass:

 •Download the YesMilano Pass from your preferred app store.
 •Log in using the reference code and the travel date registered at the time of purchase. The reference code can be found at the top of the QR code, immediately following the ‘#’ character.
 •Choose the activation date and start using your pass
 • Click on ‘Activities’ to make your visit reservations.
 •Tap the ‘Transport’ icon and follow the instructions to use your public transport ticket.
 •If you purchased directly through the YesMilano Pass app, there’s no need to log in. Simply follow steps 3-4-5 mentioned above.
 •Remember, it’s essential to activate it within 365 days of purchase; once activated, the Pass cannot be refunded.

Is the YesMilano City Pass sent by mail or available on paper?

Your YesMilano City Pass is fully digital; once purchased, you will receive an email with all the necessary instructions to activate it. 

Does my pass include transportation?

Certainly, in both Passes, you'll receive 3-day public transportation (ATM) access.

Please be aware that currently, a physical ticket is required for using public transportation, and it will be valid for all 3 days. Remember to hold onto the ticket for the entire duration of the Pass. To print your 3-day public transportation ticket, follow these simple steps:

 •Head to the self-service kiosks available at all ATM subway stations.
 •Choose your preferred language.
 • Opt for “ATM tickets with PIN/PRN code.”
 •Choose the "Ticket with App/SMS" option.
 •Enter the 9-digit alphanumeric code found at the top right of this voucher.
 •Confirm by pressing "OK." Then, print your ticket.

Note: Once the ticket is printed, it cannot be reissued.

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Thanks to the Yes Milano City Pass's All-Inclusive Entry feature, our trip was completely stress-free! With priority access to Milan top attractions including the Duomo and Modern Art Gallery, we were able to breeze through without wasting any time.

Chiara Eleonora


The Yes Milano City Pass's boundless availability to Milan public transport 3-day ticket revolutionized our experience. With effortless access to buses and the metro, we could conveniently and efficiently explore the city at leisure.

Beatrice Isolde


Having a Milan Digital Pass on my phone completely transformed the experience. The hassle of paper tickets and waiting in lines became obsolete; I simply downloaded it and was ready to explore Milan!



The Yes Milano City Pass's 3-day flexibility was ideal for our schedule, providing us with the liberty to organize and enjoy our trip at a comfortable pace. 

Giada Seraphina


A Milano City Pass is an essential item for every tourist! With effortless admission to popular sights and the perk of priority access tickets, our time in Milan was truly memorable. It opens doors to the city's finest offerings.



Effortless city travel is made possible with the Yes Milano City Pass! We navigated Milan's transport system seamlessly and explored all its incredible sights without any hassle. This Milano pass was an exceptional addition to our trip!



Gone are the days of struggling with tickets - Yes Milano City Pass's Digital Pass feature is a traveller's haven. Simply download it and you're all set! It couldn't be easier or more intuitive.



Thanks to the Yes Milano City Pass, we had three days of complete freedom to optimize our stay in Milan. We could either opt for a brief urban getaway or extend it into a delightful weekend.



Our Milan adventure began as soon as we landed with the help of Yes Milano City Pass. It was simple and fast to download it onto our phones, and having priority entry made us feel like VIPs at all of the attractions.



Yes Milano City Pass deserves a huge recognition for making our journey hassle-free! Their comprehensive package of admission to various tourist spots and transportation services with added digital convenience has undeniably uplifted our overall encounter. I strongly recommend it to all Milan adventurers out there.

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