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Istanbul: Hagia Sophia Self Guided Tour

Turkey, Istanbul

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This magnificent mosque, which was initially created as a cathedral, in the sixth century AD, has witnessed numerous stages of human history, which are vividly portrayed in its magnificent artworks and facades. 

The Hagia Sophia has evolved from a church to a museum and, eventually, a mosque over the years.

Our Digital Audio Guide will immerse you in these remarkable transformations, enabling you to grasp the profound significance this place holds for the local community. Whether you're captivated by its Byzantine legacy or its Islamic influences, whether you have a passion for history or architecture, our Hagia Sophia Exclusive Digital Audio Guide is an ideal companion to enrich your visit. It offers comprehensive insights into the key aspects of this site and its extraordinary artworks. By downloading our Vox City app, you can explore the site at your own leisurely pace, unhurriedly discovering its fascinating history while our Exclusive Digital Audio Guide narrates the journey for you.


Inclusions & exclusions

What you get: 

Digital audio guide of Hagia Sophia on your smartphone
Audio commentary in English
Unlimited access and use for all the self guided features


What you don’t get:

Entry to Attractions (Hagia Sophia mosque is free to visit)
Live Guide



Learn about Hagia Sophia's treasures with our Exclusive Digital Audio Guide.
Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of Hagia Sophia Mosque.
Discover the history of one of the earliest Byzantine Mosques.


Know before you go

Important details to understand before starting your tour:

Please note that this is a digital experience and there is no meeting point or staff on site.
Once you book, you'll immediately be sent a link to download the app and the tour contents
Both men and women must be wearing modest clothes: full-length skirts, dresses, or pants, as well as long sleeves.
All women are required to wear a scarf to cover the hair, it is possible to buy one at the entrance.
Visitors must remove their shoes before entering.
The opening hours are subject to change due to religious functions

Please note, this is a digital experience. There is no meeting point or staff on-site.


Frequently Ask Questions

What is a self-guided tour?

A self-guided tour is a type of tour where visitors explore a destination on their own using an audio guide or a map. Unlike a guided tour, visitors are not led by a tour guide and are free to choose their own pace and explore the sights that interest them the most. Self-guided tours offer more flexibility and freedom to visitors. They are a popular option for those who prefer to explore a destination independently.

Is a Walking Tour suitable for all ages?

The walking tour is suitable for all ages, but keep in mind that it involves a fair amount of walking and standing, so participants should be able to walk for at least 2 hours. Additionally, wearing comfortable walking shoes and bringing a water bottle can help ensure that you're comfortable throughout the tour.

What is a Multilingual Audio tour?

A multilingual audio tour is a type of tour that provides visitors with audio guides in multiple languages. Visitors can use headphones to listen to the audio guide as they explore a destination, with the audio guide providing information about the sights, history, and culture of the area. The audio guides are typically pre-recorded and offer visitors the option to choose their preferred language.


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I took the Hagia Sophia Self Guided Digital Audio Tour and I have to say that it was a fantastic experience. The audio tour provided me with helpful information and insight into this stunning landmark. It was really easy to use, the audio tour also allowed me to pause or rewind the tour if I needed to review something from it, which I really appreciated. 



Molto buono e molto interessante. Unica cosa è un po' difficile da usare e fare foto con il cellulare in contemporanea. Consiglio tantissimo

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