Itinerary and things to do in Amsterdam

Itinerary and things to do in Amsterdem

Greetings from Amsterdam! The Dutch metropolis, Amsterdam, is known for its picturesque canals lined with gingerbread-style homes of incredible beauty. Furthermore, the world-famous museums, rich history, and bike opportunities in Amsterdam are among the city's greatest attractions. For a variety of reasons, it ranks among the top European vacation destinations. This essay is for you if you've never been to Amsterdam and have no idea where to begin arranging your trip.

Tourists from all over the world flock to Amsterdam every year. Every year, it welcomes millions of tourists. The city is the capital of the Netherlands, a modern and peaceful country that welcomes visitors from all over the world. Natural wonders, historical landmarks, gorgeous vistas, modern retail malls, and much more await visitors to this metropolis. This national capital is a fantastic holiday spot because it caters to visitors with a wide range of interests.

Amsterdam is a wonderful destination for vacationers of all stripes. Whether you're travelling alone, with a partner, your family, or a large group of friends. It offers something for everyone. Of course, any major metropolis can serve as a fantastic choice for a gang of pals. However, not every major city is conducive to independent sightseeing and entertainment. It's easy to go around the city on your own and save a few Euros per ride, making this a great destination for solitary travelers.


Cycling around the City

One of the most practical ways to get around Amsterdam is on a bicycle, and they can be rented with little effort. Only by bike or on foot will you be able to fully experience the streets and bustling market.

Visit the city's many museums, such as Madame Tussauds, the Rijksmuseum, the National Maritime Museum, the Van Gogh Museums, etc., to get a feel for its rich past as soon as you arrive. Daylight is ideal for this sort of endeavor. A self-guided audio tour from Vox City will help you learn more about the museums' pasts and is available to you at any time throughout your visit. The main drawback of Amsterdam is that it has so many fantastic museums that it's impossible to see them all. If you need help deciding which museums to visit, you can use our Footsteps guided tour, also available from Vox City.

Amsterdam Bicycles

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As soon as the sun goes down, Amsterdam transforms into a hedonistic party centre thanks to its vibrant nightlife. Those interested can also check out the red light district, while those looking for a more laid-back atmosphere will find plenty of options at Jordaan's many bars and clubs. Vox City's self-guided red light district tour is another way to see the city's vibrant youth culture and progressive outlook.


Canal Tour through the City

Since the city of Amsterdam is so well-connected by canal, visitors can choose from a wide variety of boat cruises. An ideal way to take in Amsterdam's stunning scenery from a new vantage point is on a cruise or boat tour.

In order to make your special day more romantic, you can get a table on a cruise that will take you out on the water and allow you to dine under the stars. You may take a boat ride through the canals and check out some of the best local attractions along the way. A pass from Vox City that includes a guided walking tour, hop-on hop-off bus tour, and canal cruise is another option for booking your tour and seeing Amsterdam from every angle. Hop aboard and take a fantastic one-hour cruise around Amsterdam's famous 100 kilometer canal belt. The majestic, narrow buildings of Amsterdam, as well as other notable landmarks like the Anne Frank House, may be seen from a cruise down the canal, which is itself a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bars, pubs, and clubs abound in this metropolis, and the nightlife is fantastic, so you can party the night away after a fun day.

Stop by the local museums

For those interested in art and history, the city is home to a number of excellent museums, including those listed below.

  • The Amsterdam Historical Museum displays the city's past.
  • Anne Frank's famed hiding location during World War II is now open to the public at the Anne Frank House.
  • Here's a suggestion: head over to the fantastic 'Theater Amsterdam' to catch a performance of 'The life of Anne Frank.
  • The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is the national museum of the Netherlands and focuses on the arts and history of the country.
  • The Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam houses a collection of modern and contemporary art and design.
  • The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam houses the largest collection of Vincent van Gogh's work in the world
  • The Moco Museum features works by contemporary artists such as Banksy and Kaws. They're appealing to a younger demographic and making art more hip with their digital art exhibition. Before venturing out with your Vox City digital city guide, stop at the Moco Museum to take in the stunning modern art collection. Listen to audio commentary as you explore the city by simply accessing the guide on your mobile device. You can select a self-guided walking tour, locate a photo op, and then use the app to get you to the location of your choice. The app is user-friendly and provides additional value to your bus journey.

Things to Do in Amsterdam: Anne Frank House

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We'll just leave it up to you to decide which museums you would like to visit as there are still A LOT more in Amsterdam (there's a cheese museum, a cannabis museum, a Science Center NEMO, etc.). Also, you can book a self-guided tour to any of these museums anytime from Vox City which makes self-guiding easy, with plenty of suggested walking routes to explore. 


Visiting flower market

The Bloemen market (Flower Market) can be found on the Singel canal and is claimed to be the only floating flower market in the world due to the fact that the stalls are set up on houseboats and barges. Because of the wide variety of flowers on offer, including the city's namesake tulips, this market might be considered an "attraction" in its own right.

Things to Do in Amsterdam: Bloemenmarkt

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As the Netherlands is the world's leading commercial tulip plant producer, you are sure to find a wide variety of Dutch tulip bulbs for sale here. We strongly suggest that you go out and purchase a pack or can of tulip bulbs, either to plant in your own yard or to give as gifts. To ensure they blossom in the spring, you were urged to plant them in the fall or winter. If you want to avoid any complications at the airport or border, be sure that the item has a customs stamp on the packaging before you attempt to carry it with you as a souvenir.

In order to explore the market and appreciate its beauty on your own, you can also use a Vox City self-guided audio tour of Bloemen market. Don't forget to listen to your audio commentary to learn all about the popular tourist destinations, or stop whenever you choose to fit your schedule. Get ready to continue your Vox City-style exploration of Amsterdam by plotting out your next walking route, locating your favorite landmarks, and identifying the finest photo ops!

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