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About Us

Our mission is simple – to bring fun, flexible, educational and sustainable sightseeing experiences to tourist hotspots worldwide.

Our parent company, Vox Group, is an industry leader in travel technology and boasts over 20 years experience partnering with acclaimed travel businesses and major cultural institutions. Vox Group saw the Covid-19 pandemic as an opportunity to respond to the demand for safe and sustainable sightseeing, and from this, Vox City was rejuvenated.

Vox City was first launched in 2018 to provide fully independent travellers with self-guided experiences, varying from city tours to audio tours of the world's most iconic venues. Our self-guided services continue to be used by travellers all over the world, but in order to adapt to the ever changing way we travel, we're now providing a service that is bigger and better than ever!

In September 2020, we launched Vox City Walks in Rome, Venice and Florence. Vox City Walks uniquely brings the hop-on hop-off concept to walking tours, offering you a flexible and safe way to discover your chosen city. Our rapid expansion is undeniable, with Vox City Walks now being present in iconic tourist destinations all over the world.

Today, Vox City is a name synonymous with providing visitors, just like you, with the best in sightseeing experiences.